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An arduous consensus is taking root- the push for over the counter availability of HCQ in New Zealand

Author JJF (English), Tex Hill (Chinese)〈Himalaya New Zealand 〉

On the 19th of September, New Zealand’s largest local media, the New Zealand Herald published an Australian article regarding a double-blind experiment of hydroxychloroquine sulfate titled “Covid 19 coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine: The drug that could be our saviour”.  For many local supporters of the whistle-blower movement, this was a pleasant surprise. Although the article was simply a reprint, the act of publishing the report itself is telling. We must acknowledge the promotional efforts made by all our supporters.

The reporting by local media regarding the truth of Covid-19 including HCQ has been extremely limited. What little is reported has been overwhelmingly negative. The New Zealand government allocated funds in April of this year to conduct research on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and several other drugs in the treatment of the CCP virus. However, this effort was terminated within weeks supposedly due to a lack of positive case numbers in New Zealand. It is clear that the narrative effectively mirrors that of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Since then, HCQ has rarely been mentioned in New Zealand’s mainstream media. Even conducting a generic search for  ‘hydroxychloroquine’ as a keyword on government agency websites including the Ministry of Health and Parliament yield zero results.  ······ [Read more] “An arduous consensus is taking root- the push for over the counter availability of HCQ in New Zealand”

New Zealand: The Secretary General of the Direct Democracy New Zealand Supports Miles Guo and the Whistleblowing Movement

Author: red beard 〈Himalaya New Zealand 〉

Chris Newman, the secretary-general for the Direct Democracy New Zealand, wants to learn about Miles Guo’s work to bring China away from the CCP and bring freedom back to Chinese people.

“We are very happy to meet members of the Whistleblower Movement, to learn about Miles Guo’s work, to bring China away from the CCP, to take down the CCP, bring freedom back to the people, to allow them to determine their own fate and not be under the heel of a dictatorship of the worst type,” Chris Newman said, in an interview by Tex, a member of Whistleblowing Movement, on New Zealand time Sep. the 21st 2020.

Chris Newman are very concerned that New Zealand’s Democratic process has been invaded by CCP. He said, “the New Zealand politicians and people thought that they had a friendly relationship with China and didn’t realize it was a secret agenda of colonization and domination using currency, money, business, and political ties and education to sway New Zealand to become an, like it almost like a satellite of the Communist Chinese state”.

Chris Newman appreciates what Whistleblower Movement did in New Zealand to wake up New Zealand people.  ······ [Read more] “New Zealand: The Secretary General of the Direct Democracy New Zealand Supports Miles Guo and the Whistleblowing Movement”

Fact Check of Dan Satherley


Picture from: twitter.com 

  1. Dan Satherley is a lefty biased journalist working for NewsHub which is a TV based multi-platform news service , NewsHub was being acquired early this year by an US multimedia company Discovery,INC. 
  2. Dan is one of the weakest journalist as he seems never response to anyone in a proper way when the question has been raised. 
  • Dan was trying to telling the lie when he was reporting on Climate Change. One of the article showing, as he said CO2 is the main reason for Ice Melting in Green Land which is wrong and misleading. 
  • Dan could be a communist,socialist, as some readers commented under his tweets. 

丹是一个左翼的无良记者,在他的推特账号相关联的许多评述中,许多读者长期对他有许多的负面评论,但他都是置之不理。他在气候变暖问题上也曾有过错误评论,他从不做任何纠正。他的政治观点有极左倾向,因为他也不支持现任的新西兰总理 Arden.他应该属于极左里面的无政府主义,他的新闻报道多数充斥着无聊的喧嚣和教唆,因为他对新闻的事情分析缺乏掌握分析,所以他嘴里出来的都会成为一个一个谎言和口号。 


CCP’s Version of “My Struggle”: War is Not Far From Us

Editing and translation: Arya

This is the secret speech of Chi Haotian at an internal meeting of Communist Party cadres during his tenure as Minister of National Defense in 2005: “War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century.”

Although it is the speech draft 15 years ago, it is the core idea that guides the CCP’s national strategy. Its chief planner is Deng Xiaoping, and Chi Haotian is the deputy chief planner. Every CCP leader since then has faithfully implemented this strategy. The identification with the Nazis, the desire to colonize the United States, and the disdain for human life expressed in the article are made me chilling. Reading this article, you will thoroughly understand the root of the disaster that is happening in the world today and why we call the CCP the last demon of mankind in the 21st century.

The following is the full text excerpt:


Everyone knows that the core idea of Comrade Xiaoping is “development is the last word.” Comrade Jintao also always emphasized that “development is the first priority” and we must firmly hold onto it. But comrades often understand one-sidedly, thinking that it is only limited to our domestic development.  ······ [Read more] “CCP’s Version of “My Struggle”: War is Not Far From Us”

SOS! Inner Mongolians are in extreme danger!

Author: Arya

The Hong Kong people’s struggle to defend democracy and freedom has lasted for 15 months. Over the past year, nearly 10,000 young people in Hong Kong have been assassinated by the CCP’s black police, and more have been detained to the mainland without any news. Although the international community is now beginning to sanction the CCP, it has not yet prevented the CCP from continuing its atrocities. The tragedy in Hong Kong is far from over, but the CCP’s evil claws have reached Inner Mongolia.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has forcibly implemented the second bilingual education reform in Inner Mongolia. The Inner Mongolia Education Department issued a new policy on August 26, requiring that from September 1st, all ethnic schools in Inner Mongolia start from the first grade of primary school, politics and history classes are taught in Chinese instead of Mongolian. The Mongolian language class was reduced from five classes a week to three classes, and the Chinese language class was increased to five classes a week. This caused an uproar among the people of Inner Mongolia. More than 300,000 students in Inner Mongolia went on strike; parents of Mongolian students refused to send their children to school; more than 300 employees of Inner Mongolia Radio and Television signed a petition asking the authorities to revoke the policy of forced Chinese teaching; Mongolian teachers, police, and even couriers have all stood up to protest the authorities.  ······ [Read more] “SOS! Inner Mongolians are in extreme danger!”

The Evidence is Solid: The CCP Intervenes in the US Election Through WeChat

Author: Arya

The Chinese Communist Party is launching a campaign in the WeChat circle that aims to bribe Chinese in the United States to buy votes to influence the US election. Their goal is to defeat Trump!

The following content is translated from WeChat screenshots

ethnic Chinese citizen votes110,00070,000130,000
The number of votes the Democratic Party lost in 201618,00011,00068,000
The number of electoral votes291620
Funds needed to change the election results ($)9,000,0005,500,00034,000,000
Other funds20,000,000$ (Estimate)
The total funding needed to win the elections in Florida and Michigan by doubling the ethnic Chinese voter turnout34,500,000$ (Estimate)
The total number of votes needed to win the general election270

[If you have a chance to make a billion people live better……] (Author: It’s a lie, they just wanna CCP live better.)

[If you have the opportunity to make 1 billion people live better and you have no return, would you do it? If you have the opportunity to make 10 billion people live better and longer, and you can earn 1 million yourself, you will do it even more, right? If so, please read the following text carefully, but please do not forward it in the group or share it in the circle of friends.]  ······ [Read more] “The Evidence is Solid: The CCP Intervenes in the US Election Through WeChat”

CCP’s treasure Island – New Zealand


New Zealanders are gradually learning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s infiltration through a series of breaking news recently including Serious Fraud Office investigating CCP sponsored donations to political parties, the death of two Chinese activists who were on their way to present a petition to NZ parliament regarding CCP’s infiltration to NZ society, Professor Anne-Marie Bradly’s oral submission to the Justice Committee Inquiry into Foreign Interference, the recent resignation of National MP Jian Yang and Labour MP Raymond Huo.

Mr Miles Guo, the leader of Whistle Bowlers’ Movement, has unveiled more shocking facts that how the CCP has actually turned New Zealand into its own treasure island, during his online interview[1] with the New Zealand Himalaya Association[2] on 17 August 2020.

According to Miles, the corrupted members of the CCP have long chosen New Zealand as their Treasure Island to hide wealth they have stolen from Chinese people not just for themselves, but also for their mistresses and their numerous illegitimate children.

The official data release on the Immigration NZ’s website show that 2014 marks record year for net immigration figures with an annual net gain of migrants that has exceeds 50, 000 the first time. The official data shows that there were only 7,200 migrants from China in 2014.  ······ [Read more] “CCP’s treasure Island – New Zealand”