The World only work for you when you are in their circle


Remember the winner of Nobel peace Prize for 2020? United Nation World Food Programme (WFP) beat the popular competitor Donald Trump, Dr limeng Yan, even the political star New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern. If you are still wondering what makes WFP outstanding in 2020, Lude media has given you a hint today.

Hunter Biden was on the Board of Directors at WFP USA, served as board chairman from 2011 to 2015. Is it a simple coincidence? The same 4 years was coincidently covered by his father Joe Biden’s Vice president term of office 2009-2017. An email from Biden laptop written by Heather Hanson to Hunter Biden dated 14/5/2015, requested an exit interview. She was WFP USA Vice President of Public Policy at that time.

From Wikipedia, the world food program USA is a charity organisation based in Washington,D.C, supporting the work of the WFP from 2011-2017. That means that WFP USA only operated when the Biden family, when Hunter was the board’s chairman. When Joe Biden stopped being the Vice president, WFP USA stopped its operation as well. Is it another coincidence?

From the huge amount of emails, messages regarding Biden family and its associates’ corruptions, it is hard to believe that there is no collusion in his work with WFP.  ······ [Read more] “The World only work for you when you are in their circle”

Bombshell Explosive news: The sixth wave is coming- -Jiaqi’s Bao mail to Hunter Biden

Editor: Rose Sky;Producer:Rose Sky 

March 16, 2018 at 6:25 pm

From: Bao Jiaqi
Recipient: Hunter Biden; Robert Biden
Subject: 2017 project summary and 2018 list of potential opportunities.
Any constructive criticism and editorial notes from you will be greatly appreciated.

The world is being shrouded in the darkness of the Chinese Communist Party, are you ready? If you are not ready, you wait to pay the price; if you are ready, there is only one way,take down the Chinese Communist Party! — By Miles Guo,May 23, 2020

世界正在被共產黨的黑暗所籠罩,你準備好了嗎? 如果沒有準備好,你等著付出代價;如果你準備好了,只有一條路,幹掉共產黨! ——郭文貴先生2020年5月23日

Omani Government offering exclusive investments to CEFC China


An email between James Gillar and Hunter Biden in 2017 from Hunter’s laptop has revealed that Omani government has made exclusive investment opportunities to CEFC China only. The offerings are:

  • a. Oman Infrastructure Fund (Financial) – to invest in viable projects in the Omani market;
  • b. Set up an Oman China Bank (Banking) – A new investment bank in Oman that will be the bridge for Chinese investors to Oman;
  • c. Fisheries Industry in Oman (Fisheries) – The relevant ministry is keen to step change and globalise production. Including boat building;
  • d. New Government Oman refinery (Oil and Gas) – Build and operate a new refinery at Duqm, supply of Crude shall be Oman’s own crude oil;
  • e. Shinas Port Projects (transportation and logistics) – Development of the port for industrial and the tourism trade.
  • f. Yiti Resort (Tourism) – Development of the coastal site to be a world-class tourism destination;
  • g. Al-Dhaahirah County Project (industrial development) – Service and knowledge centre for oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Railway terminals, mining infrastructure.
  • h. Sohar Port Container Terminal (transportation and logistics) -Development of terminal 2 with 40 sqkm plot of land in the Sohar Free Zone.
  • i. Sur – new port and township (transportation and logistics) – Development of Sur’s new port and township, maximising its strategic location;
  • j.
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Seductive bait for a greedy fish


Jul 17, 2015, at 11:08 AM, Hunter Biden (hbiden@rosemontseneca.com) email to

Francis Person (president of Harves Group China) regarding a “very real China deal he is working on”.

On same day 7:28 PM, Francis unfolds an exciting project to Hunter Biden through email, CC to

 Devon Archer (BHR Vice Chairman)) and James Bulger (BHR Director).

“A tier 1 real estate development company, Harves Corporation in China has a partnership

With the China Development Bank. Both the group and the China Development Bank have expressed real and immediate interest for us to broker a joint venture to build a SeaWorld Park(s) in China.

And the Harves Group China will “provide all of the capital and land for the project, as well as the construction of the Park”. What a perfect business partner to work with! Land supplied by the CCP’S general secretary‘s family, Money is guaranteed by china develop bank (net income 10.3 trillion in 2015); even the location already finalize, “SeaWorld Entertainment On the China side, between Harves and the CDB”. Marvelous beautiful deal I have to say.

Anything else need to worry? Absolutely not, Francis already meet the former Ambassador to China, Gary Locke (on the board of Harves Investment Group), from his effort, United state government may support this project also!

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Hunter Biden’s trip to Norway with Maisy


According to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Hunter Biden arranged a trip to Norway in 2015 and he asked Joan K. Mayer one of the Rosemont Seneca Partners to get Maisy’ passport and inform Kathleen regarding the trip.

Maisy is 18 years ago, the youngest of Hunter Biden’s three daughters. She attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C., where she became close friends with Sasha Obama, the younger daughter of former President Barack Obama. Sasha’s sister Malia Ann Obama was born in 1998.

A picture from Hunter’s laptop shows that Hunter used Malia Obama’s credit card to snort cocaine. Other two photos also indicate that Malia had sex with Hunter on 15 June 2018.

Why Hunter insisted to take his 13 years old daughter for a trip to Norway? Instead of discussing this with his wife at the time, Kathleen, he asked his business partner to send the message and get Maisy’s passport.

Biden Family has a tradition of grooming their successors when they are still young. For example, Joe took Finnegan with him and Hunter on an official visit to China in 2013 when she was 13 years old.

Biden-Slave of money


Just after the Christmas 2018, December 28, 2018, Hunter Biden’s personal assistant Katie Dodge start emailing her boss to ask her pay due 30/12/2018, which she thought $3000 fortnightly, somehow Hunter Biden deduct half of it to $1500 in a later reply email, and the excuse is Hunter Biden may not clearly say “no” to her expectation.

“I clearly don’t remember saying not so I think you could believe that I have the capacity to pay you a $72,000 a year salary for part time work “, he also accuse Katie’s job is a part time job with no hours and no Responsibilities beyond responding to his mail and paying his bills.

As an experience assistant to Biden for a long time, did not resign after this letter, she is impossible to forget what her wage is, the problem is at that time Biden fell into financial crisis. First, Biden’s business partner in China Yejianming (CEFC)  is now a prisoner on death row in China; Second, his payment from Burisma (Russia company) cutting in half ; thirdly, he still need to pay more  alimony to his ex-wife Katherine; “So there’s not much income coming through these days”.

So the Eric D.  ······ [Read more] “Biden-Slave of money”

The third wave Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive Email Declassification:31-6#

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The third wave Hunter Biden’s 
Time: May 26, 2014 at 2:51PM
Vadim Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden to check his entourage for the Kazakhstan trip.

时间:2014年5月26日 下午2:51