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The Evidence is Solid: The CCP Intervenes in the US Election Through WeChat

Author: Arya

The Chinese Communist Party is launching a campaign in the WeChat circle that aims to bribe Chinese in the United States to buy votes to influence the US election. Their goal is to defeat Trump!

The following content is translated from WeChat screenshots

ethnic Chinese citizen votes110,00070,000130,000
The number of votes the Democratic Party lost in 201618,00011,00068,000
The number of electoral votes291620
Funds needed to change the election results ($)9,000,0005,500,00034,000,000
Other funds20,000,000$ (Estimate)
The total funding needed to win the elections in Florida and Michigan by doubling the ethnic Chinese voter turnout34,500,000$ (Estimate)
The total number of votes needed to win the general election270

[If you have a chance to make a billion people live better……] (Author: It’s a lie, they just wanna CCP live better.)

[If you have the opportunity to make 1 billion people live better and you have no return, would you do it? If you have the opportunity to make 10 billion people live better and longer, and you can earn 1 million yourself, you will do it even more, right? If so, please read the following text carefully, but please do not forward it in the group or share it in the circle of friends.]  ······ [Read more] “The Evidence is Solid: The CCP Intervenes in the US Election Through WeChat”

CCP’s treasure Island – New Zealand


New Zealanders are gradually learning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s infiltration through a series of breaking news recently including Serious Fraud Office investigating CCP sponsored donations to political parties, the death of two Chinese activists who were on their way to present a petition to NZ parliament regarding CCP’s infiltration to NZ society, Professor Anne-Marie Bradly’s oral submission to the Justice Committee Inquiry into Foreign Interference, the recent resignation of National MP Jian Yang and Labour MP Raymond Huo.

Mr Miles Guo, the leader of Whistle Bowlers’ Movement, has unveiled more shocking facts that how the CCP has actually turned New Zealand into its own treasure island, during his online interview[1] with the New Zealand Himalaya Association[2] on 17 August 2020.

According to Miles, the corrupted members of the CCP have long chosen New Zealand as their Treasure Island to hide wealth they have stolen from Chinese people not just for themselves, but also for their mistresses and their numerous illegitimate children.

The official data release on the Immigration NZ’s website show that 2014 marks record year for net immigration figures with an annual net gain of migrants that has exceeds 50, 000 the first time. The official data shows that there were only 7,200 migrants from China in 2014.  ······ [Read more] “CCP’s treasure Island – New Zealand”