SEC gets into big trouble for offering preferential services for Chinese stocks and faces class actions for damages to the interests of investors

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

SEC may get into a big trouble this time

I know many fellow fighters have been preparing to

take class actions

SEC has never been protested in the past 80-plus years since its establishment

Never before has SEC been embroiled in

lawsuits by so many investors under its protection

Never before have so many investors joined with their investees to launch an attack on SEC

to demand justice from it

for the damages done to all of them. This has never happened before. 

SEC will face the most formidable danger in history

for its illegal cooperation with a foreign government, which is unprecedented.

SEC had never done this before

It allowed the CCP-controlled Chinese stocks to cheat

the US investors out of one to two trillion dollars without proper review

then investigated the legal investments Chinese investors had made in a US-based company

This has never happened before.

Let’s look at the history.

During WWII, the Japanese and German enterprises

enjoyed the same preferential treatmentin the US, the UK and Europe

The financial supervisory agencies in all these countries

also bent the rules

for the enterprises of the Japanese Empire and the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler

History repeats itself today

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