CCP senior officers talking about CCP dirty tricks and how it will backfire CCP

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Last night, I contacted the old comrades of the “China Foreign Strategic Association” 

and the “China Foreign Friendship (Strategy) Association.”

He said, “Miles, you have asked some very good questions recently.”

He said, “You know the Yugoslav incident, (the bombing of Chinese) embassy, and the Hainan plane collision incident.”

He continued that “These two incidents have reached a peak in the name of manipulation.”

The biggest beneficiary is CCP. Similar thing happened to the incidents associating with boycotting Japanese products, for example, smashing Japanese cars.

He said that these had scared the whole world.

He said that the rest of world did not dare to oppose a position which was backed up by one billion plus (Chinese) population

 (Therefore, the CCP) has made a breakthrough diplomatic victory

He said the CCP has played the world using the same trick again and again

but this time is different.

There are many protests regarding Xinjiang,! I am quoting what he has told me.

he said, “foreigners don’t buy it anymore.”

And more importantly, they (foreigners) are thinking that it would be better for the domestic protests to go harder against foreign products.

I asked back “What has happened these past few days?”

The senior said, Oh, they are all (fucking) cowards

He said, once the central government receives reports regarding the potential protests against foreign products in each provinces and cities in the following days

Such as boycotting Nike and Adidas. HE is scared.

Guess who is this HE – of course some important people in Zhongnanhai.

He was afraid and commanded to ceasefire immediately.

Ceasing fire just in case CCP might lost control of the boycotting fire ignited by the Chinese people

Otherwise, boycotting campaigns will soon be developed into petitions

And then developed into protests and rallies

Therefore, the CCP has commanded to call off the boycott activities

Then he said, “What’s the most terrifying is that during the previous a couple of days

do you know how much foreign currency reserve did outflow out? Hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions of RMB

What will happen if it continues, all money will escape

American and European companies refuse to buy it this time

CCP was shocked, therefore, CCP is just a paper tiger

As soon as you confront it, it will be defeated

Americans and Westerners still don’t know that it is just a paper tiger

The senior man also said that all Chinese entrepreneurs

are behaving extremely calm this time, and they think that China is turned itself to another North Korea

Many entrepreneurs choose to wind down their businesses and fleet

And more to it, Shanghai can’t stand it anymore

and warned Beijing that if you keep tossing like this, and we will be all done soon.

The boycott movement will soon grow into a political movement

turned into another Tiananmen Square movement, a real confrontation between East and West

The dirty trick CCP has played in the Suez Canal Egypt, and the Strait of Hormuz

Everyone knows that CCP was behind it, so it can control the price of oil for a while

CCP’s allies in the Middle East colluded with CCP and offered some help. But the collusion will be goofed up one day.

How the world will deal with CCP, when the truth is unveiled

None of CCP’s tactics will be working

As for the Middle East, as I have told you that all CCP’s original secret plans are self-harming ones.

At the end, the senior said that our strategy of taking down the CCP via its own virus and taking down the CCP via financial war is a brilliant idea

CCP has lost all its supports, since all hearts have returned to New Federal State of China

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