Mr. Guo’s replies to investors’questions regarding G series

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

In the past two days, many fellow fighters have sent me messages

about wanting to buy more G Coin and G Dollar.

For a few exceptional cases,small amounts might be granted

and allocated to extraordinary fellow fighters

But only for those who can meetoutstanding conditions and criteria

As for theothers,

I don’t have such power

and I should not make any private arrangements for anyone either

I will definitelynot to allocate any G Coin to those

Whoever are behaving unreasonably and whoever show no respects to rules

and whoeverhas no sense of integrity. G Coin is a no to them.

Besides that, for GTV investors:

all additional investments need to be arranged by May 16th

Including all loan arrangements, all direct investments to the new GTV

shall be closed on 16th May.


G CLUBS payment option is now no longerlimited to cheque.

Payment can also be made via bank transfers

or via the various Himalya Farms.

And, as you well know,those accredited Himalya farms

canhelp you with the payment, please contact them directly

And, each person can buy multiple cards.

There is one more thing Ihave to reiterate to my brothers. and sisters.

Fellow fighters living in the mainland China please do notkeep trying to go abroad

You need to consider whether you can make a living when abroad.

Rule of Law Foundation fundsare made byfellow fighter’s donations

which could help you out for one or two months. Three months at most.

It for emergencies only

It is impossible to keep supporting you and your entire family for a long term.

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