CCP expects to win by a fluke. Members of CCP want the fall of CCP. Europe and America are digging for traitors


Let’s talk about the situation in the past two days

There is something about Taiwan

There is a secret video about Beidaihe on the internet

Don’t believe it, it’s 100% fake.

There are now two policies from the inner Communist Party

Endure. Like what Empress Dowager Cixi did

Deceiving the people to fight as cannon fodder

They’re expecting to win by a fluke

Similar to Hideki Tojo and Isoroku Yamamoto

They all expected to win by a fluke

Similar to Hitler’s tearing up of the Versailles agreement

and crossing the Rhine. From 1935, 1936

Expansion of the Wehrmacht from 100,000 to 600,000 members

He expected to win by a fluke

It’s sad to see history repeating itself all over again

If Hitler met the French army

He would be finished with a shout

There would be no World War II

Hitler would not kill 20 million people

When Emperor Hirohito of Japan first said

they were going to plunder energy in the world

If anyone stood up and spoke against him

Emperor Hirohito would have not madly sent Japan to hell

It’s exactly the same as what CCP is doing now

CCP will become more and more arrogant and crazy

The key reason is the internal political struggle and pressure

coupled with the external trouble and pressure created by itself

The most profound lesson learnt from World War II is that

the ultimate victims are the people

But the ignorance of the people

provides a chance to dictators, warlords and imperialists,

creates a suitable environment for nationalism,

which treats a nation and a country as cannon fodder

Dictatorsregardthemselvesas god

This expansion of ignorance

will finally send a country or a nation to hell

It’s is what is happening in China

What is more tragic in China now is that

99 percent of 90 millions members of CCP

want CCP to attack Taiwan

It’s better that U.S. attacks Zhongnanhai

All want to get CCP killed

And U.S. is digging for American traitors

So does Europe

Have you noticed the UK?

The former prime minister is under investigation

Who is he? Is he the man who did the Brexit?

I’ve said that three or four years ago

He will definitely be investigated

He is just the first. More traitors will be found.

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