Domestic entertainment celebrities are threatened by the CCP to support the Xinjiang cotton

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Recently, I have been contacted by many domestic showbiz celebrities

such and such directors and producers,

such and such Singer Gods and Heavenly Kings,

They said, Miles, we all stand by you

but we’ve unspeakable reasons

Don’t scoff us in your broadcast, please. Please don’t pick on us.

Look at those photos showing that we support Xinjiang cotton

He said he had no choice. He said each celebrity taking the stand had been dictated by the CCP.

There are only two options for them to choose

Either taking a mugshot photo holding a protest sign like a criminal

And post the mugshot photo online to show the support of Xinjiang

You either do as the CCP telling you

Or CCP will send you to jail immediately and ban everything related to you from the market

Many celebrities, including those ones you like or the ones you hate most

were forced to do with a gun pointed at their back, they have no choices.

brothers and sisters, these celebrities really don’t have choices

That’s why I request your leniency towards them.

They are just trying to make a living.

We shouldn’t ask too much from them. 

They each have their own sad stories that reflect the sin of the CCP.

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