the rich, the celebrities are rushing for vaccination, a vaccine disaster is on the way

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

I just picked up several phones

and I am so overwhelmed

They the very good friends who I have told not to get vaccinated

However they didn’t listen

Two from US and two from Britain

More shockingly one of them is a former PM of UK

Now what, the White House is calling fora halt on J&J vaccine

I hold them that you guys should have a good study on a Chinese woman namedLimeng Yan

I told them to have a good read on Dr Limeng Yan’s reports

I repeat this once again: whoever should ask me whether he or she should get vaccinatedthe second time

I would tell him (her) not to bother me anymore

If you claim that you’ve got balls then you go and get the jab

The whistleblower movement, NFSC has told you already

that this is totally a disaster. The vaccine economy and vaccine politic

will eventually turn into a vaccine disaster and vaccine warfare

Check out how many religious leaders have rush to take the shot

So, they are actually very afraid of death. They don’t believe that God can lead them to Heaven

Not to mention of the rich. Many of them are afraid of death too

They take their private jets to get the vaccine

In the front of NFSC

the world has become so transparent

So manyhypocrites

cheaters, liars, bad guys get revealed

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