Chinese Finance industry panic and sell funds since they learned world economy would collapse

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

It seems that the world has changed dramatically during last night

Three communities: entertainment, finance, and the so-called bureaucracy in China

They all want to buy G-coin

The finance community has gone crazy

Fund managers from China Minsheng Bank

from those big insurance companies, such as Taikang Life Insurance

from China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Bank of China

They all asked, Miles, can I sell you my managed funds at a discount?

You just need to make a commitment. You don’t need to pay cash,you can take over the fund.

they specifically said that, if your Middle East or Europe fund would like to take over my fund,

you can get it at a discount of 50% off, if a deal can be reached today

They have got the two most key messages.

One is that the massive cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal at the moment, will get stuck there for a while. so the oil price will rise like a rocket.

It is said that Wang Yi went to one country in the Middle East and presented a letter from Xi

Blocking the Suez Canal with the container ship was 100% done by CCP

The story about the letter and Wang Yi’s trip will certainly be revealed someday. It will be shocking

It occurred at the same time when Wang Yi arrived the Middle East, within 24 hours

Canal was then blocked

All of these, oil and the coronavirus are causing serious damages to the western economy, if not fatal

Now the State Department under the Biden administration is dropping its white paper on coronavirus

They don’t regard the Chinese Communist Party as the culprit of the coronavirus.

If it’s not regard as a biological weapon, no sanction will be imposed.

comrades, do you feel disappointed?

Let me tell you. (What Biden Administration is doing) is better than immediately identifying the CCP as the culprits of the virus, the makers of the weapons

Because I believe in a truth in this world that

The more evil you conduct,  the more punishment you will suffer

This news is also a severe disaster for the financial markets

The oil price will be pushed up via one disaster after another

The hesitation in confirmation of the coronavirus as a biological weapon will completely destroy the entire financial economy.

All people know that. And the CCP will not stop attack.

The world’s economic and political stability will encounter one uncertainty after another

The most fundamental problem is that the economic effects of the coronavirus have already been demonstrated

Wth the world’s productivity continuously declines, how can there be any surplus?

All business industries around the world have been paused for a long time

where to gain profits?

Why people all over the world are buying cryptocurrency?

Because no currency is trustworthy, including the U.S. dollar

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