Big guys are regretting for being too close to CCP, taking down the CCP is the greatest fulfilment of life

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Yesterday night I made a call with a fund boss

This old man feels like dying

He said that now he found himself

leaving a stain on his life

which is his pervious cooperation with CCP

I said that your family

will hang their heads forever all around the world

because of you being too close with CCP

Just like if those ones who had done business with German in WWII

or with Empire of Japan

If you had made deals with Japanese military men or with Hitler German Nazis

would you feel proud to talk about that

Of course you wouldn’t

He said that after CCP was charged with

genocide and crimes against humanity

along with the outbreak of Covid-19 and Hongkong movement

he felt that Miles may be right about what he said

This old man is just like this

praying to God for one more year when he’s dying

to witness the end of CCP

This reminds me a man I know from Texas

who called me before he passed away saying that

Miles, the last thing I’ve ever regretted in my life

is that I went too close with CCP

and I was praisingChairman Mao for decades

What I want to tell you brothers is that


Only one thing deserves your efforts

which is to TAKE DOWN the CCP

In this life we live

what is pathetic is that we encounter CCP

what is also grateful that we are destinated to take down CCP

Our life is so wonderful that no one else’s can reach

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