Former Secretary of State John Kerry will deliver the US’s ultimatum to Beijing

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Former Secretary of State of the US John Forbes Kerry

is about to visit Beijing as special envoy of Biden

Behold, I’d like you to watch carefully

Yesterday, I said in November 1941

before the US entered WWII, or more precisely, before Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the US issued the Hull Note

demanding Japan to withdraw all its troops from China within certain days without any conditions

but before that, the US had dispatched at least three batches of people

like Kerry to Japan to lobby for this purpose

To the US’s surprise, Japan launched the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This is history.

Then what message will Kerry deliver to China this time?

How will China deal with Taiwan? If you dare make any move, you will be destroyed.

Secondly, China to withdraw from Hong Kong immediately

and restore everything in Hong Kong back to the way it was as agreed upon in the Sino-British Joint Declaration

If you refuse, you will be sanctioned

Thirdly, China must confess to the truth about the coronavirus

If you don’t do it, you will sure be clobbered by decoupling or war

Kerry’s trip to Beijing, arranged by the Democratic Party and Baiden, may involve some under-the-table deals

he will mince his words with diplomatic decorum

But remember, fellow fighters, what must be said will be said

just like what happened before the delivery of the Hull note

The three guys tried both reasoning and playing hardball with them but failed to stop it

The US is a nation whose decision is driven by the will of the people

Do you know what the US economy was like before WWII?

At that time the US economy was a complete mess in the Great Depression

After WWII, the US became a world empire with power and strong economy

Now, the US economy is at its zenith and is bound to derail

Once anything goes wrong, the economy will nose-dive into great depression, and that will usher in the doom of the CCP

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