Leaked Document Reveals UK Government’s Secret Plans for Vaccination Passports

Writer: Lois

According to a London Guardian article published on Tuesday, a leaked government report dating back to December 17, 2020, expose the British government’s secret, advanced plans for vaccine passports around the same period government ministers were reassuring the public there were no such plans.

The document is allegedly from Swiss-based consultancy firm Zühlke Engineering, an entity also involved in developing the UK NHS track and tracing app.

“[The document] details research into possible public attitudes to a Covid certificate, sometimes called a domestic Covid passport. This [passport] would use vaccination status, a recent negative Covid test or proof of coronavirus antibodies to allow people into potentially packed places when the country opens up,” The Guardian article reads.

Furthermore, the report features mock-ups that show how the app-based COVID-19 certificate would function, including scannable QR codes. One such mock-up shows the certificate linked to the National Health Service (NHS) app with an expiration date. 

A separate example certificate shows links to the NHS test and trace app. However, The Guardian article states this option is considered unlikely as the track and trace app is anonymous. The vaccination certificate would include personal information.

Summit News also reported in December 2020 the British government’s contracts with various firms to create so-called COVID-19 freedom passports. These passes are intended to divide society between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. 
A Department of Health source stated around the same time that the government would not impose immunity passports on citizens.

The vaccine passport system will apply to virtually all public activities.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been sending mixed messages regarding the passport system. Around two weeks ago, he stated pub owners could use the passes at their discretion. This announcement invoked backlash from landlords and punters.
Prime Minister Johnson then changed direction, declaring pubs and restaurants as exempt from the passport system. Zerohedge writer Tyler Durden asserts Mr Johnson’s words as a psychological manipulation on the public; the people are coaxed into accepting the system by first threatening them with the worst outcome, then offering a limited concession to appear merciful and trustworthy.

According to Summit News, the British government is also funding companies to develop facial recognition technology to check individuals’ vaccination statuses. With this technology, the public will only be able to participate in social life if they are vaccinated. 

These new technologies will eventually culminate in a social credit score system similar to the one currently used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

However, the votes cast by British MPs regarding the implementation of vaccine passports are yet to be finalised. Depending on the vote outcome, the UK may still prevent this totalitarian system from being implemented. 

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