Unrestricted Warfare – The Legal Battle Against Bannon

Unrestricted Warfare – The Legal Battle Against Bannon

Written by Gravitational Wave (引力波)

The carnival feast of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda agency has lasted for 24 hours when Mr Bannon pleaded not guilty to fraud charges and was released on 5 million bails on Thursday. When Mr Bannon walked out of the court with great spirits, the reporters flooded to greet Mr Bannon outside the courtroom. Besides, there were also many people waving the dazzling blue star flag of the New Federal State of China in the crowd. Mr Bannon sincerely thanked the people of the New Federal of China for their support. He said: “They touched my heart.”

The investigation on Mr Bannon began in 2018. Choosing this time to ignite is obviously the result of some deliberate planning. This is one of the CCP unrestricted warfare against the United States means: legal unrestricted warfare. They took advantage of loopholes in the U.S. judicial system to artificially create various legal proceedings, dragging the accused into the quagmire of litigation. Not only Mr Bannon but also President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, National Counsel Navarro, Congressman Cotton, etc… There will be waves of various attacks against the anti-Communist pioneers.

The CCP and their agents know that their lives have begun to count down and that the CCP will only become crazier and crazier when their end is coming. These dirty methods of attack can indeed bring about a chilling effect, but will all those who stand on the opposite side of the CCP feel timid, withdraw, compromise, or give up because of it? Never, because the madness of the CCP has made the world see their evil and despicable faces clearly. This is a war between justice and evil. There is no middle ground and there is no so-called win-win situation.

It is either we destroy the CCP or CPP would corrupt our World. There is no other choice.