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Writer:Enzo20 Leaves on stone bones

The human placenta, called “Zihe Che” in Chinese medicine and Taoism, has recently been heavily trafficked in China, and the underground industry is so powerful that one businessman alone sells 130,000 placentas a year, which is only banned in 2020. The “Zihe Che” comes from hospitals, medical waste factories and funeral parlors. The processing site is dirty, messy, poor, and simply unbearable to look at. They are shipped in refrigerated trucks and sold at prices ranging from $450 to $580 a piece, re-fresh and packaged in capsules.

From the human moral and spiritual and health point of view really makes the author gloomy sad. The reason why people don’t eat human beings is a big taboo for human beings. In almost all cultures, eating human beings is very harmful (including human fetus), from the health point of view, it can easily contain hepatitis B virus and various hormones, which can activate cancer cells; also because the easiest way to transmit germs and viruses is on the human body. However, Zhang Jiayang, the director of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine Archives, thought of a way to buy it at a reasonable price, legalize and scientificize it, and make it disappear from the black market. This is extremely disgusting from a humane standpoint. What is disgusting is that the online group is still active. I’m sorry to hear that.

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