Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine could save lives

This website (https://hcqtrial.com/) wrote a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine on treating Covid-19. Unfortunately, Facebook censored the content (as claimed by the website), and the website was also receiving various cyber attacks. Why would anyone try to attack a website that just doing a scientific analysis based on the factual data?

Many countries either adopted or declined early treatment with HCQ, effectively forming a large trial with 1.8 billion people in the treatment group and 663 million in the control group. As of August 19, 2020, an average of 49.0/million in the treatment group have died, and 446.9/million in the control group, relative risk 0.110. After adjustments, treatment and control deaths become 99.6/million and 652.8/million, relative risk 0.15. The probability of an equal or lower relative risk occurring from random group assignments is 0.005. Accounting for predicted changes in spread, we estimate a relative risk of 0.23. The treatment group has a 77.4% lower death rate. Confounding factors affect this estimate. We examined diabetes, obesity, hypertension, life expectancy, population density, urbanization, testing level, and intervention level, which do not account for the effect observed.

Contrary to the naysayer, the detailed analysis showed that hydroxychloroquine is, in fact, helpful in reducing the death rate for Covid-19 patients. For a quick overview, please take a look at the chart below (source: https://hcqtrial.com/). 

Dr Li-Meng Yan, the Hong Kong virologist who fled to the U.S. earlier this year, has made it clear that “We don’t have much time”. The World should stop denying or suppressing the benefits of hydroxychloroquine on early treatment. We need hydroxychloroquine to buy us some time while waiting for the lengthy development of the vaccine.

p.s: For your convenient, we have produced the PDF version of the article from https://hcqtrial.com/ for offline reading. Please download the file from here.