Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.10 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. The US National Security Adviser issued a stern warning to the CCP

The US National Security Adviser O’Brien said the US would consider more additional options to respond to the irresponsible and harmful practices of the CCP. President Trump still has three “72 hours” to take down the CCP though he only has 10 days now. As a member of cabinet, the National Security Adviser is different from the Secretary of State who is responsible for external affairs, but has the executive power to mobilize various forces.

2. The “more action” in O’Brien’s statement is more than just talk

Acting as the White House liaison on behalf of intelligence and operations, the “more actions” in O’Brien’s statement is neither limited to fiscal or economic decoupling, nor just talk. America’s 80 million people wouldn’t just be fooled. That’s why the Teletubby Xi is hiding in his burrow, not even daring to make a statement.

3. North Korea suddenly held a late-night military parade to threaten the U.S. and South Korea

South Korea’s JCS said the military found signs that North Korea held a late-night military parade on Sunday, and the U.S. and South Korean intelligence departments are closely monitoring it. The purpose of this parade was to threaten South Korea not to act rashly because North Korea could hit with artillery directly because of geographical adjacency. The launch of missiles can be monitored in advance by radar, but an artillery attack is purely based on the parabolic principle and there is no way to know in advance.

By this move, North Korea took South Korea as hostage to terrorize the U.S. that it could die with the South Korea. Secondly, North Korea intended to rehearse whether the military command system could operate normally at night without electricity. Considering the warning from the US national security advisor to the CCP, North Korea’s late-night military parade and the disappearance of the Teletubby Xi, the only way to stop North Korea’s hooliganism is to take Xi alive. If Xi gets beheaded, the North Korea might fire artillery which would cause a lot of casualties and other damages.

4. Xi Jinping’s top command system is out of order

The highest level of the command system is oral instructions, making it impossible to find evidence. There are only a few people who are close to Xi Jinping, but even in such a situation, the whistleblower movement have known about Xi’s instructions and actions. So, Xi has come into a state of collapse, questioning and suspecting anyone around him. And when Xi’s command system cannot function, the fellows of whistleblower movement inside the CCP system could use his set of command system to direct the state machinery to do the right thing. Since Xi Jinping has concentrated all the power, the end of the CCP can actually be very fast.

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