Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.10 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. The world is focusing on the Vatican

On the evening of January 10, there was a heated discussion about the widespread blackout in the Vatican, which is extremely difficult to happen in itself. After several days of continuous analysis by LUDE Media, the world media suddenly focused on the Vatican, and something big must happen in the future. The Roman Catholic Church is closely related to earth civilization and human civilization. The inheritance of the mysterious power and mysterious wealth of more than two thousand years is about to enter a critical period. Paying attention to the Vatican is the next important focus and the next real battlefield.

2. The significance of the blackout for the upcoming Pope election

Last night’s blackout showed that the technology’s control of the power grid, including the backup power generation system, has become the core key, which means that the change to mankind by technology has reached the point where it can be controlled at will. The upcoming election of the Pope in Rome will affect the 2.8 billion Catholics and the future of all mankind. Yesterday’s blackout indicated that this battlefield has begun, and the contests of various forces have become fierce. The new religious war has become a battle between justice and evil, light and darkness within the Church, and the world order will also undergo tremendous changes.

3.The Pope’s private doctor died from CCP virus

The death of the Pope’s private doctor, Fabrizio Soccorsi, from complications of the CCP virus shows that the virus has reached the centre of the Holy See. It is also a warning and a threat to all Vatican bishops that using the epidemic as a pretext to take the lives of anyone at any time. The three conditions of global reset, global climate change, virus and technology, have all been met as Archbishop Vigano said. The Vatican will soon become the central focus of the world. The overt power of the US, the covert power of the Vatican and the evil power of the CCP are changing the whole body of mankind.

4. Xi Jinping dare neither show himself nor give any instruction

At this time of last year, Xi Jinping had already scheduled for many events and meetings. But now Xi Jinping neither shows himself, nor even gives any instruction. Today, the only news about Xi is retrospective like “Over the years, General Secretary Xi has made such arrangements”, “Keep in mind of Xi Jinping’s lofty expectations”……Xi Jinping is in a state of extreme nervousness and gun-shy and distrustful of his command system and feedback system. He was worried about the split of party, being kicked down the ladder by evil allies, and whether he would be captured alive. Xi Jinping is in a constant state of anxiety while the CCP regime is also between the beetle and the block.

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