Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.09 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. Xi Jinping still fails to show up and can only issue documents.

On January 5, Xi Jinping still did not show up when he signed the instruction to appoint and remove ambassadors to foreign countries. According to intelligence reports, Xi has to rest at least 13 days after the intervention surgery, and may not be able to attend the video conference with Macron on the 11th. The Lude Media disclosed the accurate information about Xi’s operation this time, mainly to tell Xi: The Whistleblower Movement has acquired much intelligence, including a series of instructions, signatures and taped speech of Xi on biological weapons, which were all confirmed by intelligence.

2. The NYSE suddenly announced it no longer plans to delist three Chinese telecom giants.

The NYSE originally planned to forcefully delist the three major Chinese telecoms on January 11, but suddenly announced its withdrawal on the 4th. The main reason is that Biden said that once he came to power, President Trump’s ban would be lifted within three weeks. Whether the NYSE has been controlled by the CCP has aroused a heated debate among Americans, showing CCP’s strong influence on all levels in the United States. Of course, the more action the CCP takes, the more favorable it will be to President Trump’s coming election negotiations, because the threat posed by  CCP’s evil forces on the United States and the exposure of American interest groups colluding with it are nothing but a wake-up call for  Americans.

3.Why the CCP infiltrates the Vatican

The Catholicism has a history of nearly two thousand years, which is well-organized with  funds and intelligence. Thousands of years of accumulation has given the Vatican huge funds and Catholicism has a sophisticated organization and secret power around the world, which ensures  the Vatican’s soft power by which to rule the world. Organizations distributed  globally also give the church powerful intelligence capabilities. The CCP has  a history of only seventy years, so although it inherited the hidden power of the Communist International, it must control the Vatican if it wants to control the world. The CCP has always been subverting the Vatican. The pope is controlled by the CCP and colluding with it, becoming part of the evil forces. This is not the fault of religion, but the fault of humanity. Religion cannot completely replace faith.

4. CCP is preparing for Kamala Harris’s visit.

Xi Jinping’s team is preparing for Kamala Harris’s visit to China on 28th this month. But considering neither has the final electoral result came out, nor has she resigned from the Senate, will she visit China as a senator or vice president? If it is the latter, she will lift all the sanctions on the CCP and bring US back to the age of globalization, thus continuing the Sino-US joint management of the world. So anxious is the CCP for Harris’s visit that the close ties between the Biden interest group and the CCP kleptocrats cannot be more evident.

5. Wall Street’s and The Vatican’s interest.

Other than private funds and various other funds, Wall Street’s biggest source of funding is religious funds, because over the past 1000 years the Vatican has accumulated a huge amount of wealth which needs to be invested. The Deep Churches and financial oligarchies in Wall Street worked together to facilitate the collusion between the Vatican and the Deep State, which advocates the globalization movement. Draining the swamp by President Trump actually strikes this interest  group and their “great reset” plan as well, so the Vatican, Wall Street and the CPP which has common interest with them all consider President Trump a main enemy, an obstacle that must be cleared.

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