Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.09 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

  1. Xi Jinping, who has yet to show up, gave important instructions to the Political and Legal Committee

Since LUDE Media broke the news that Xi Jinping had a head surgery, he has been absent from the public eye. News reports about him provides only text. It is conceivable that Xi’s condition is in a very pessimistic state. Furthermore, the current situation in the United States directly affects the survival of the Communist Party. At this very moment, it’s urgent for him to make statement to stabilize the military, however, he disappears as well as the Politburo Standing Committee members. At the moment of the ultimate battle, Xi was worried that he would be captured alive via internal coup, so he armed himself with suspicion and wariness toward people around him and took varying levels of safety precautions.

2. Xi Jinping’s worries and precautions for his own safety

According to Lude’s revelation, Xi Jinping’s current security measures have been upgraded to the highest level. First of all, Xi does not have any electronic equipment around him because he is worried that he will be targeted and beheaded by the United States. Moreover, there are very few people Xi really trusts, suspecting the loyalty of his subordinates and worrying about being captured alive, similar to Hitler and Saddam back then. It can be seen that Xi is in a state of panic every day, which proves that he has reached the end of the road and the ultimate battle is currently in the critical stage.

3. The advantages and disadvantages of the CCP in high-tech information warfare

In view of the current situation of the CCP, Xi Jinping knows that his movements are being monitored in real time due to the Whistleblower Movement’s capability in collecting the CCP’s intelligence, and he will have higher requirements for his environment. According to Lude’s revelation, whether Xi Jinping’s head was implanted with a positioning system chip during his head surgery is worthy of attention, and Xi is hiding in a secret bunker, afraid to have any electronic equipment around him, and the external communication is mainly oral communication.

4. Xi Jinping’s situation highlights the CCP’s dilemma

Similar to the death of Stalin, everyone in the CCP is in shock. Everyone is considering how to ensure their own safety while keeping themselves in a favorable state and making the most favorable judgment based on the current changes in the international situation. Once the international situation, especially when the United States is about to take action against the CCP, someone at the top of the CCP will definitely turn their guns and kill Xi, or catch him alive to put themselves in an advantageous position. All international and CCP trends are advancing as predicted by the Whistleblower Movement.

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