Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.08 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

What Does It Mean to Make Progress in North Korea’s Sea-based Nuclear Force?

North Korea will make progress on maritime nuclear submarines and nuclear strategic weapons, which will help improve long-range nuclear strike capabilities.  North Korea has always claimed that it has nuclear power and is playing a “touch-ball” on nuclear weapons.  This means that the strategic intention is far greater than the tactical significance, because the last one of the “Four Restarts” issued by the CCP the day before is North Korea’s regional peace. Today, North Korea immediately jumped out and said that nuclear power must make progress.  Obviously, this is to pressure the Biden administration and the future U.S. government to cooperate with the CCP to start its strategic war to see how the U.S. reacts.  North Korea’s research and development capabilities are very limited, and a large part of it is plagiarized, and some are given by the CCP.  Here North Korea has not mentioned where progress has been made. This is a stress test for the United States. It is also the fact that the CCP and North Korea are trying to make a full assessment of each other.

Three “Resets” — Common Characteristic of Epidemics, Climate Change and Technological Progress

Epidemics, climate change, and technological progress are all topics that globalists are talking about recently. These three have an obvious characteristic, which is no one knows what’s going on.  None of these issues can be verified by an individual. Only experts have the final say. Almost everyone does not know whether it is true or false. It is the media and the so-called authority that have the final say.  In fact, this is no different from the Middle Ages, but this time religion has become the so-called science. Anti-authorities is anti-science, and the right to speak lies with them.  As long as you have the right to speak, you can do anything.  Whoever raises objections will be defined as heterogeneous.

The Conspiracy of Great Reset

Why don’t they engage in the military?  Because physical issues like the military are easy to verify.  However, issues like climate change cannot be verified, and they are exactly the same as the “key point” in the Middle Ages.  If you can’t verify it, you can brainwash people with some concepts under the guise of science.  Who has the final say on those concepts?  People who have gained authority.  Anything under the control of evil forces will become tricky.  Just like Harvard is also part of the swamp, they will pick people who are willing to kneel, and those who are unwilling to kneel will be labeled as heretics under the name of science.  These three are the first goals the CCP wants to achieve after restoring relations with the United States, especially the epidemic.

These three are super harmful to the Holy See, because they will replace the faith-centered civilization which has lasted for two thousand years. This is the Great Restart.  It attacks the supreme right to speak. The supreme right to speak in the past belonged to the Holy See. Now it has slowly evolved into being belonged to so-called science. To put it bluntly, let atheism be the boss.

Wake Up!  Now Is the Moment of Human Crisis!

Some people say that science cannot be desecrated. Yes, there is no problem with respecting science.  But scientific data will be used by certain people, and they will selectively do some standardized research based on real data, and then they can draw completely different conclusions.  Just like Galileo, who was now called the father of modern science, was also persecuted by the Holy See and wrote a book of repentance at that time.  And now, instead of using the violent methods of the Inquisition like at that time, the paid posters on the Internet are used to create public opinions against those who oppose it.  In addition, there are now many large technology companies engaged in technological dictatorship, monopolizing people’s understanding of data.  We are now at a historical moment, and many people are confused in the game.  Facts are arbitrarily distorted by authority. Hope you could maintain a firm stand and be vigilant, and please spread the truth on the premise of your own safety.  Human society cannot be saved without you!

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