Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.06 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. The mainstream media acted in concert to mislead public opinion on the Capitol event

When the incident occurred, the mainstream media quickly carried out one-sided and comprehensive coverage. The media called Trump supporters rioters, terrorists, and thugs. Twitter also blocked President Trump’s account for 12 hours.

The mainstream media obviously wanted to seize the speaking right and the moral high ground, so they strongly exaggerated the seriousness of the incident and put all the blame on Trump, attempting to put huge psychological pressure on President Trump and stroke a heavy blow on his whole election campaign.

2. The CCP is the mastermind behind the Capitol incident

The media claimed that Congress was stormed and occupied by Trump supporters, however, how many of the people who stormed Congress were Trump supporters?  The Hong Kong Legislative Council incident showed that the CCP sent agents to pretend to be protesters to storm and occupy the Legislative Council and created bloodshed, with the purpose of diverting attention, planting evidence and finally declaring it as a riot. These tactics were wholly copied to the U.S. Congress incident on Jan. 6.

3. This not an election but a war

After the Capital incident on the afternoon of January 6, many medias pointed the blame at President Trump and his supporters. It seems to be bad for President Trump, but in fact more people will be sober in front of the truth. Today’s events were very suspicious and there were so many coincidences. A variety of confusing information and new tricks kept coming out. The more the news flies around, the more you need to think rationally, not to be misled by all kinds of false information on the internet, and try to ultimately find out the essence of this matter that this is a war rather than an election.

4.  U.S. considered adding Tencent and Alibaba to China stock ban

Tencent and Alibaba are about to be added to the delisting list. The orders of magnitude of these two companies are much higher than those of the three CCP telecom operators that were forcibly delisted before. Alibaba is the leading stock in China’s concept stocks listed in the United States and the largest IPO that year. If they are included in the delisting list, it will deal a huge blow to China’s concept stocks and the CCP’s pocketbook. This news also shows that the United States has clearly seen the fake game of the CCP and Alibaba. The CCP can only hope that Biden will come to power to achieve the flip. Alibaba is the vane of Chinese concept stocks and the world’s most successful online business empire. The delisting of the two companies will severely impact the CCP’s payment system and foreign exchange absorption. The RMB will go down in the wind, and the major banks of the CCP will also respond.

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