Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.08 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

The Real Purpose of Xi’s “Whole-day” Meeting

After the victory of so-called “Final war” which the CCP obtained in the US on Jan. 7, the CCP’s media reported that Xi Jinping held a “whole- day” meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau. Xi was still absent from the meeting. It is said to hear six important items, but the real purpose is to hear the work report of the Secretariat of the Central Committee. Ding Xuexiang took the report of 5 units including the National People’s Congress to report to Xi, which in essence is to curry favor, show loyalty and celebrate achievements. Xi and his advisers agreed that taking the initiative had worked to win over the Americans at once. Under the despotism, no one dared to speak, a leading actor with a pack of utility man played the celebration drama too early.

The CCP Propagates a New Sino-US Armistice is Urgent

The CCP’s media reported that China and the US may need to sign a new armistice. The article again mentioned that don’t say unpredictable. After the statement was made in 2019, the CCP virus raged globally. Now to repeat the phrase, the CCP thought they had won the new war and wanted to sit down with the US to talk about benefits and distribution. Now is a good time to negotiate with the US because the CCP had made a huge contribution to the evil power of the US during the election. The article also unscrupulous mentioned that the CCP and the US needs to participate in the making process of global cake, otherwise the US will as a spectator in the end.

Pompeo Made a Statement about the Arrests of Pro-democracy Activists in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government shocked the world by arresting more than 50 pro-democracy activists under national security law. In a statement on Wednesday night (Jan. 6), Pompeo said: “The United States is outraged by the CCP’s contempt for its own people and the rule of law, and will take action to stop it. The United States will not stand by while the people of Hong Kong are oppressed by the CCP.” Pompeo warned that the United States would not stand by and let the people of Hong Kong be oppressed by the CCP and would consider imposing sanctions on individuals involved in the incident, while also noting that the CCP had failed to keep the democratic rights promised to Hong Kong people in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

What’s the CCP’s “Ambitious Blueprint”?

The CCP’s so-called Ambitious Blueprint is that they “reset” the civilization in cooperation with other dark forces around the world, in the progress of which they continue to build up themselves before they rule the roost and then they reign over the world.  The CCP has arranged early for their insidious ambition, making the biggest profit for themselves in totally unprincipled ways, such as faking, deceiving, stealing and even backstabbing. They utilize ideologic virus as well as biologic virus to infiltrate and strike the world, trying to rule the whole world with a rod of iron and terror in the slogan of Strategy for “The Great Rejuvenation of Chinese Nationals.”

Civilization is in Peril, Defend it with YOUR ACTION

First, we should awaken ourselves. If everyone is awakened, then the nation will be awakened. Second, we must take action after being awake, turning your disappointment and sadness into your action. We should cast away illusions and dependence, starting from ourselves. Everyone should stand out for righteousness and our civilization, as the Miracle of Dunkirk would never happen if NONE of the British ships had set off to evacuate the soldiers. In this war, our Chinese will and must fight on the frontline. Whoever stands out will be one be those who rebuild the new order of human civilization. Our Civilization is in Peril, and you are the chosen to defend it with your action! 

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