Lude Media: 12/13/2020 –Xi Jinping Puts Forward Ten National Security Views


Xi Jinping Puts Forward Ten National Security Views. The following video shows the details:

Lude Media Summary

Dec 13, 2020, Morning, Lu, An, & Mo

Xi’s concept of national security

1. Xi announced concepts of national security:

(a)The CCP leads everything;

(b)Put politics first;

(c)Rely on the people;

(d)Build a solid economic base. It means putting Xi’s safety first by following Xi’s order at the cost of the people and in the name of the people.

2. The US Embassy in China published a video about the risks arising from CCP’s militarization of the South China Sea and its threats to India and Taiwan. This is another sign that the US will stop the CCP from threatening global prosperity. Notes by members of Himalaya MOS

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