Lude Media: 12/08/2020–Mayor Giuliani Is Back And Joins the War Room


12/08/2020 Mayor Giuliani Is Back And Joins the War Room/Big things are coming, persuade some people not to be bullet bait. The following video shows the details:

Lude Media Summary

Dec 8, 2020, Morning, Lu, An, & Mo

Giuliani is back Massive action is coming

1. Giuliani is back after treatment with Regeneron vaccine.

2. Trump tweets Di Dongsheng’s (翟东升) comments on the partnership among the CCP, Wall Street, and Biden.

3. Trump is surrounded by long-term civil servants compromised by the CCP. That’s why it takes such a long time to drain the swamp. Americans have faith so they will not be defeated by the demon CCP.

4. China summons US diplomat over sanctions. Lude says the CCP’s demise is unstoppable and tells China’s army not to risk their lives for the CCP.

5. Texas sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over election rules. Lude says other states can bring lawsuits too. Trump plays offensive and he only needs to win once. Notes by members of Himalaya MOS

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