Strategic Vision US, LLC, Wallop, and Waller could not deny that they were found by the CCP

Autor: Redbeard

The latest Sur-Reply of court case, Eastern Profit Corporation Limited vs. Strategic Vision Us LLC, shows Strategic Vision US unable to deny their litigation being funded by CCP.

Business company STRATEGIC VISION US LLC (“Strategic”) is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada. Strategic is still active and, in total, managed by 2 persons whose name are both FRENCH WALLOP.

On October 27 2019, Micheal Waller told New York Supreme Court that ‘It is safe to say that Guo Wengui is a Communist Chinese spy, in the case, Guo Wengui (Mr Guo) vs. Strategic Vision US LLC, J. Michael WallerFrench Wallop, Edward Greim, Dow Jones & Company Inc., Aruna Viswanatha, and Kate O’Keefe. The Strategic Vision counterclaim stated that Guo was a ‘long-time employee of Vice Minister Ma Jian,’ and that ‘Guo paid MSS officials and bought surveillance equipment for the MSS in exchange for favors.

Now, the litigation of Strategic, Michael Waller, and French Wallop against MR Guo are found being FUNDED by affiliates of the CCP. And Mr Guo is now confirmed to be not a spy, but a DISSIDENT of the PRC, which is proved by documents for Elliott Broidy and Nickie Mali Lum Davis.

This is a typical stagey well used by CCP in the world to eliminate its dissidents. The strategy is ‘killing someone using other people’s hands’. Strategic Vision, Michael Waller, and French Wallop are the idiot hands utilised by CCP. And Mr Guo is the dissident of CCP.

In fact, Mr Guo is not only a dissident, but the lead of the whistleblowing movement which is disclosing the evil of CCP and waking up world by exposing the deals between Western Government and CCP. Recently, the whistleblowing movement has woken up Trump Administration to root the corruption of U.S former government to CCP.