Case: Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision


Strategic Vision US, LLC is a shell company for two career frauds: French Wallop and J. Michael Waller. Eastern Profit is a Hong Kong based company representing Mr. Miles Guo Wengui in the case Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision.

French Wallop was the third wife of Malcolm Wallop, the late Republican senator from Wyoming. In recent years, she has maintained a low profile in Washington, though in the midst of her divorce from the senator in 2000, the Washington Post’s gossip columnist obtained a sharply worded change-of-address note she sent around to friends stating, “French Wallop regrets to inform you that due to a significant indiscretion on the part of her husband of 16 years, he may now be reached at the following address.” On her LinkedIn profile, Wallop refers to Strategic Vision as a “strategic consulting firm.” In addition to French Wallop, J. Michael Waller acted as a representative of Strategic Vision.

According to the intelligence obtained by Miles Guo, French Wallop was infamous for refusing to pay her attorneys and rent. French Wallop’s son paid her legal fees of $200k for her divorce case with Malcolm Wallop. For Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision, French’s first lawyer resigned because of non-payment. Another law firm was then hired and paid by a mystery third party.

Strategic Vision US, LLC (“Strategic”) asserts an affirmative fraud claim based on the premise that its principals are ardently anti-communist and would never do business with anyone who has ties to the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”). At the same time, Strategic refuses to answer questions about whether its legal bills to pursue that very fraud claim are being paid by CCP-backed individuals or entities.

Strategic has proactively raised the possibility that Broidy and/or Lum Davis are involved in Strategic’s funding, and then explicitly refused to deny their involvement, the fact that Strategic’s fees are being paid by someone other than Strategic may not be remarkable standing alone.

Broidy and Lum Davis have both pleaded guilty in foreign lobbying case recently. Broidy is a former fund-raiser for President Trump admitted to a role in a covert campaign to influence the administration on behalf of Chinese Communist Party. Nickie Davis, an American consultant pleaded guilty of involving a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires individuals enlisted by foreign entities to lobby the U.S. government to register that work with the Justice Department.

French Wallop and J. Michael Waller’s attempt to defraud Mr. Miles Guo will soon be turned into a farce of proving their own fraudulence.