President Trump pointed out that Pennsylvania and Michigan’s prohibition of surveillance by observers would result in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

Author: Rose sky; Translation: Jedidiah

President Trump pointed out that Pennsylvania and Michigan’s prohibition of surveillance by observers would result in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

On Nov. 12th, 2020, President Trump’s tweet was once again marked by Tweet Company. Being the president but at the same time stuck in the swamp, that he has to personally call on the media to report and spread the truth, on which we can see the extent how corrupt and false the media has become.

President Trump said, nobody wanted to report the news that Pennsylvania and Michigan prohibited the poll watcher and/or vote watcher to observe, which would result in hundreds of thousands of ballots which shouldn’t be counted, because I can win these two states very easily. Report the news!

Many media platforms such as twitter, facebook, Wallstreet Journal as well as Fox are playing an extremely disgraceful role in this general election, who have always been busy covering the truth and exaggeratedly spreading  false news, and therefore they are losing more people that long to seek the truth. To some extent, to cover up the truth is to be the helper or even accomplice of the evil criminal. The corrupt deal behind them would finally come to light.

There are such Chinese proverbs as“Cover his own ear to steal a bell”, “Fire can’t be wrapped in paper”, and “The only way that nobody could know is not to do it at all.” And the corrupt media groups, which President Trump call them fake news, are right now carrying out such despicable behaviors. Their media freedom can be purchased and manipulated by money and disguised capitals. On the front page of Washington Post it is written: Democracy dies in darkness. This motto that seems to be stimulating themselves to stick to neutral and defend democracy, has become so funny. Look at the titles of all their articles, that you would know that, “Democracy is dead in darkness” is the only truth that they tell. Their articles are almost all centered on smearing and stigmatizing President Trump.

Just as the founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, said, this is a modern unlimited war on media. All the media platforms are involved in this war, relay of false news has become the patent of the the news media. Moreover, they have decided to take the place of American law to declare who is elected as president, and meanwhile, to deny and screen all the news and proof on the ballot fraud, which have happened, or might happen, has become their top priority. Sooner of later, American people would begin to wonder that, who is paying bill for these corrupt media groups, that are so intent to cover the truth? Who do they work for?

Beyond the ballot war, in the period of general election, more than 40 people with ties to the president or White House are infected by the virus, including the president himself, first lady Melania, their son Baron, chief of staff of vice president Mike Pence, as well as other assistants.

According to data from John Hopkins University, 135,290 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Tuesday nationwide, which bring the seven-day average to a record number of 123,448. and the 7 day average death number has reached 1,393, the first time beyond 1,000 since Aug 20th. Altogether the death number in America has reached beyond 240,000.

This unexplainable epidemic data and the heavy punches of the media groups are all pointed to President Trump, with perfect cooperation. Who is controlling everything behind them? We believe that one day their masks could be thoroughly lifted by President Trump and the righteous force besides him, and this great and dirty swamp could be thoroughly drained and cleaned! And in this process, the kind and righteous people would be able to guard human civilization and accomplish a new progress of human, in this disaster. As the motto of GTV and GNEWS, the media platforms of New Federal State of China, says, “Only the truth is undefeatable”, all the truth will be verified, the lustful and disgustful faces of the corrupt media groups would finally be distained and rejected by the people. The end has not yet come, but we surely will win! This is a war between the CCP that sticks to Marxism-Leninism and the people that love freedom from all over the world!