US Army counter played with intelligent in Frankfurt – A Desperate Time for USA


Congressmen Louis Buller Gohmert shared an information he got from a German twitter, which stated US army raid on Scytl server facility in Frankfurt Germany to remove “extremely compelling” data detailing vote switching. The U.S army counter played with the intelligent before entered Scytl Company.

Mr. Gohmert is the member of the Republican Party, U.S. Representative from Texas.He said that it is a desperate time for USA. On Monday (9/11/2020) morning, a German twitter said there was a US troop army forces went into the Scytl, and grabbed the server. It was believed that this is US intelligent, the U.S manipulated all of it, in order to cover their own rare ends.

Source from a hot video of a Newsmax program “all prayer for US election integrity”, Mr. Gohmert said that he got an information on Sunday (8/11/2020) from a formal intel people that there was extremely compelling evidence from Scytl. He mentioned, that company is bankrupt according to Barcelona’s bank. They need to acquire all its information and all machines.

Although the company is in bankruptcy, the information Scytl gathered can provide all the answers such as what were the votes going in, which ones were changed going out, and about how vote switch from republic to democrat.

Mr Gohmert said before this Intel people making request to get this information, and send to him all the information on Monday morning, the twitter of US army turned out. He sighed and made a comment on how corrupt has government had gotten, with the whole Russia hoax, framing Mike Flynn and so many others.

He mention Scytl’s head quarter has moved to Frankfurt where Merkel (chancellor of Germany) said the day after the election that Trump needs to go and concede.

In the comments below the video link, smart audience left comments such as “FBI didn’t seize the server though, it was the US army. That’s why Trump did those firings at the Pentagon to clean house there.” “They say that the raid happened on Monday and Esper was also fired on Monday so the timelines adds up”;” Seems fishy, considering what the FBI does to protect the swamp. The smart readers also raise a big question” Why is US election data being stored on Spanish servers in Germany?’

From Wikipedia Scytl Secure Electronic Voting (SCYTL), S.A is a Spanish provider of electronic voting systems and election technology. Founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Its products covered the entire election process, including election planning, online voter registration, poll worker management, electronic ballot delivery, online voting, results consolidation and election night reporting.

It bought SOE (“Supervisors of Elections”, Software) in 2012. In November 2018, Scytl became a partner of Amazon Web Services. They host their services on Amazon’s cloud platform. In June 2019, Scytl established a center in Frankfurt, Germany for emergency back-up.

On 11 May 2020, due to facing debts of over 75 million Euro, Scytl initiated bankruptcy proceedings

On 2 June 2020, a Spanish court declared Scytl bankrupt and started the process of auctioning off its assets. In mid-October 2020, the SOE Corporation was doing business under the Scytl name selling Election Night reporting software. In late October, the Paragon Group subsidiary “Service Point Solutions” acquired Scytl including its USA subsidiary SOE (why this acquisition seems in a hurry to prepare for US election in Nov?)

From Wikipedia, there is a update recently, in November 2020, Scytl released a statement describing SOE Software as a subsidiary located in Tampa, Florida.

In response to “fake news”, the company stated that the US army has not seized anything from them, and that they have never been connected to George Soros, Russia, Smartmatic, Dominion or Indra.