The raid of Scytl server by U.S army – Questions to Ponder

Author: Redbeard

On NZ time the 14th of November 2020, a breaking news about U.S army raiding Scytl server facility in Frankfurt, Germany was widely spread in Twitter. The Scytl server stores the database of Dominion, a vote counting software used by almost 80% states in U.S 2020 election. The database contains huge evidences of fraud voting from Biden campaign. I read it around 3pm NZ time by a retweet from ‘Lin wood, and then was confirmed by Lude media this morning. But, Mr Guo, in his live broadcast this morning, told us the raid actually happened in the beginning of this week and Lude had knew it many days ago.

This news is straight forward, but it contains more information. At first, why it’s U.S army, not the CIA, that raided the facility? In the past, the actions like this were usually taken by CIA, because it relates to intelligence filed. If you follow Lude media in the past, you will quickly link it to the CCP’s severe infiltration to CIA and FBI. So, the first information behind this news is that the raid by U.S army, not by CIA, confirmed that CIA has been infiltrated by the CCP and controlled by the deep state of U.S, leading Trump Administration choose army to take this action.

Second, why is the voting database of U.S 2020 election stored outside of U.S, in Germany? Apparently, someone tried to hide it, without afraid of breaking the laws of U.S. Who are them? Of cause, the beneficiaries of fraud voting. I think you should know who the biggest beneficiaries of voting results before the 14th of November 2020 are. You can find it by yourself online, but I need mention that the CCP is one of them and the one hiding most deeply.

Third, why was this breaking news not blocked by twitter? As we know twitter surveils and blocks messages that hurt the CCP or deep state today, even U.S president can’t control it. This news is apparently a small victory over the CCP and the deep state, but twitter keeps it unblocked till now. A comment of Lude media may give the answer. It’s related to Lin wood, the greatest right lawyer in U.S, and the force behind him. I think before Lin Wood retwittering this news he had get prepared to sue twitter, if only twitter blocked the reposting of this news, regardless of anyone. Twitter knew who is Lin Wood and afraid of blocking this news.

The last point. Why was the news published almost 5 days behind the action? I think the CCP and the deep state should already know the raid at the first time when it happened. The delay can’t stop the evil camp to know it, but shows the justice camp have get everything ready to fight back.

I think some very big thing will happen in the following days or weeks randomly. Let’s watch it.

God bless NZ, God bless U.S, God bless Donald Trump, God bless New federal states of China.