Facebook doomed by its name (dying is the only option – FB’s Chinese pronunciation)


Facebook has always been awkward for Chinese users. In Mainland China, people can’t use FB, because of the CCP’s Great Firewall. Overseas Chinese people rarely use FB either, since you can hardly find any of your Chinese friends there. People use social media, since they would like to keep connected with their friends and communities. Since FB has already failed to keep a large group of Chinese users to stay on its platform, it is not easy for FB to attract new Chinese users to join it.

As one of the biggest social media platforms worldwide, FB has over 2.7 billion users, but less than 3 million users in China according to statisa.com data.

Censoring people’s speech is common in all autocratic regimes, since dictators always fear of the truth while truth always be spread via free speech.  FB’s dream of re-entering China was once up a time a daydream, since the market cannot be open to FB without CCP’s permission.

We all know that CCP won’t give up its tight censorship and scrutiny on social media. But Facebook CEO Zuckerberg expressed his expectation in 2016 that things could be changed in the near future.

How can Zuckerberg be confident that things could be changed soon? Let’s review what has happened in the recent years.

Since 2017, Social media giants such as Twitter, FB  and YouTube have blocked over thousands of the Whistleblower Movement(WM)supporters’ accounts ,including the leader and founder of WM, Mr. Miles Guo Wengui. For this reason, Miles has then led the WM’s followers to established their own free speech social media flatforms – GTV and GNews.

A couple of months ago, when Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson posted a video of “the truth of COVID-19” interview with Chinese virologist Dr Yan Limeng, FB banned Tucker’s post and prevented people from sharing the link, and marked the news as disinformation.

On October 15, Facebook took unusual steps to suppress the bombshell story of “Smoking Gun” emails related to Sleepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter released by the New York Post. FB said it would limit the spread of The Post’s story on its own platform.

GTV has released Hunter Biden’s sex photos from the Laptop from Hell since 24 Oct 2020. All the links to GTV and Gnews have been blocked by FB immediately.

What has made FB changed its online policy? And since when its users are prohibited from posting facts/ truth verified by the justice system on its platform? Just imagine when the western world has also lost its freedom of speech and turned it to terrible place like the communist China?

The question is why Zuckerberg decide to do so? Why censor the stories released by Fox News and NY Post? The answer is inside Biden’s laptop.

GTV has recently released a document which shows the email trails between Zuckerberg and Hunter Biden’s business partners. As Biden family being CCP’s agent in U.S and fully controlled and compromised traitors, Zuckerberg is also compromised to CCP.

Zuckerberg, you are leading your almighty kingdom of FB to a dead end, since you have sold freedom and democracy to devil’s agent – CCP.

Facebook, your name sounds like dying is the only option in Chinese (非死不可), and you are truly doomed by your name!