Now is the time to wake up


We are not conspiracy theorists. We are not insane. We are simply ordinary people just like you, the only difference is, we have been fortunate enough to have across the truth through family and friends. With only about a week remaining until arguably the most important US elections in modern history, the Biden scandal of Watergate proportions must be brought to light for the sake of not only democracy but every virtue that humanity stands for.

The mainstream media across the world coupled with the largest social media platforms refuse to report the truth on the defining events of our times. We have seen first-hand selective censorship work at lightning speed removing our tweets and posts most recently related to the Biden’s family crime scandal.

In the previous days, we have seen the release of a treasure trove of digital files that has now made the GTV media platform resemble that of any top pornography website. The documents released include original contracts signed by Biden himself and comprehensive diagrams linking the very top echelons of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with Biden and his comrades. This in and of itself demonstrates clearly that Joe Biden has been compromised by the CCP and is therefore a national security threat to the United States. Donald Trump Jr sums it up well by saying ‘”they have these emails, they have the wire transfers, they know it’s real and they have corroborating evidence and the media is trying to cancel other media outlets for reporting on the corruption. It’s disgusting.”

So what, you might wonder? I don’t live in China, why should I care.

Let me answer the why you should care question using the most direct logic chain possible. Whatever your opinions of Donald Trump, the United States are without question the leaders of the free world. We have seen compelling evidence of Joe Biden and his son receiving bribes and underage girls from the CCP. This means the world’s largest totalitarian regime controls the Biden family. If Joe Biden becomes president in the US elections, this equates to CCP control of the commander in chief, of the leader of the free world. Now if this doesn’t send shivers down your spine, you’re either clinically insane or you willingly choose tyranny over freedom. I’m afraid there is no sitting on the fence here; you’re either with us or the CCP.

Ignorance is terrifying. However, what’s exponentially more terrifying is when one believes that they are aware of the truth because they follow mainstream media. When in actual fact, that person has been completely misled by a carefully crafted narrative. This, my friends, is exactly what we are witnessing today in free and democratic societies around the world. On the flip side, it’s those residing in totalitarian states such as CCP controlled China or Iran who have learnt to better recognize state propaganda and its surrounding narratives. We must remember that the CCP’s evil knows no bound and there is no concept of a bottom line. It’ll do everything in its power to reach its sinister goals.

We’re at a crucial time in history. We have until the 3rd of November to inform as many people as possible of the CCP controlled Biden and the dire consequences to the world of a Biden vote. There is absolutely zero doubt that the outcome of the coming US elections will determine our future and life as we know it. I encourage you, I urge you to do your bit and pass the truth onto your friends and family. The truth will prevail and together we will win.