Twitter launched serial attacks to block the truths from being shared

Recently, the scandal related to the materials in Biden’s hard drive has caused the uproar in the world regarding Twitter’s action. While conveniently allowing fake narratives on Trump to share through its platform, Twitter did an outright ban or suspended the Twitter accounts on whoever shared the stories related to Biden.

The double standard action by Twitter caused people to doubt whether Twitter shall be entitled to receive the protection of Section 230 social media law. Twitter is a social media company. However, it seems to behave like a publishing editor to decide what could be published, or what shall be blocked. Instead of being impartial, it actively scans and removes any posts or accounts that don’t seem to fit the narrative of “Trump is bad; Biden is good”.

The following accounts were the casualties due to Twitter’s aggressive action in censoring Biden related news. But, sharing Biden related scandals probably not the full reasons why the accounts got suspended.

Those accounts belonged to the outspoken members of the Whistleblower Group. Those are the people who risked their lives and families to share and expose the crimes by the Chinese Communist Party. Without even giving any warning or explanation, Twitter suspended the accounts. The actions seem a bit extreme because Twitter could remove the posts only or put a fake news warning on top of those posts related to Biden. Alternatively, Twitter could at least warns the account holders to stop sharing similar news.

We have been aware that Chinese Communist Party could have indirect control on Twitter’s operation. But, being an American company, no one would think that Twitter could behave like WeChat, the social media arm of the Chinese Communist Party. WeChat was being notorious in aggressively censoring any posts that exposed the corruption of the China government. Any users who published (or shared) the negative views or the uncomfortable truth on WeChat will be traced, arrested, and punished. In some extreme situation, both the person and his/her family members will be “disappeared”.

The recent actions of Twitter just showed us the uncomfortable truth: The reach of the Chinese Communist Party is very close to the home of western societies.