Zhu Wanli- Viciously smear Dr. Yan Limeng

Translators: Sherryok and Sugarpup

In her YouTube account, Zhu Wanli posted a video titled “Yan Li Meng’s explosive material has not been acknowledged by FBI”. she smeared that Dr. Yan’s message about the virus is not valuable, and merely for exchanging her political asylum from the US government, however, not successfully accepted.

Dear readers, please think why Zhu denied Yan’s message so hastily? Especially when the message is about the truth of the COVID-19 virus, it is a matter of everyone’s life, relating to you, me, and even herself. Today, it is well known globally that Dr Yan Limeng, a heroine and scientist, is risking her life on escaping from CCP’s regime, to tell the world about the real cause of CCP virus. Her impeccable scientific report made her admired by lots of her peers. Her great courage is very admirable. All she wants to do is to save human beings in the world.  Her deeds are worthy of any praise in the world.

Being a beautiful angel, she has been viciously smeared by Zhu, who even cursed Dr Yan by saying that “Yan will die and suffer in hell! Yan LiMeng didn’t report to the FBI truthfully, regarding why she came to the United States. And what did Miles Guo promise her? Dr Yan is an accomplice of Miles Guo, and she has no future!”

Dear readers, Zhu Wanli’s behavior is a propaganda of Chinese communist Party. She is a running dog of the CCP. Her message is in the favor of CCP, however it will make CCP looking stupid to send out such message directly. Therefore, for such message, it would be better to be delivered by its overseas agents, who  are disguised as anti-CCP freedom fighters. Zhu Wanli is a dirty hand of the CCP.

Zhu has plotted the story logic in such way that Yu LiMeng only worked in the P3 research room in Hong Kong, as an ordinary participant, not a scientist working in P4 advanced research laboratory. Therefore, she is not the leading researcher, only junior staff. In January, Dr  Yan reported to her superiors that the virus could be human-to-human transmissional. But her boss told her to shut up, otherwise she would at her own risk. According to Zhu’s logic, in order to hype, Dr Yan exaggerated the fact that she had been persecuted in Hong Kong University. After contacting Lude, she came to the United States under Lude’s intimidation. In this way, Dr Yan has then been controlled and coerced by Miles Guo. Zhu also vowed that Dr Yan is a shill work for Miles Guo, Bannon and Lude, to boost the fake news spreaded by Miles Guo. She concluded that Dr Yan was coerced by Miles Guo and Bannon and prevented her from video chatting with her family in China.

 Let us review all Zhu Wanli’s statements from an ordinary people’s sight. If she were me, my only concern is the truth about the virus that Dr. Yan has revealed to the relevant U.S. government departments. Isn’t it? I don’t care which lab she worked in. P3 or P4 has nothing to do with me. I don’t care about her ability to do research. I don’t care if she exaggerated the extent of her persecution at HKU. I firmly believe that the United States is the world’s most advanced country in science and technology, medicine, virology. Dr. Yan currently lives in the United States, she will not be able to pass the inspection if there is any disinformation.

Moreover, the truth about the virus is highly relevant to people’s lives. So, the US government agents will make them extremely cautious to this topic. Who shall we trust for the safety of ourselves and our families? Of course, I believe in the final analysis and verification of the results of the US government. Before the results come out, nobody would smear Dr. Yan, except Zhu! As to the video chatting issue, it is her family in China that is completely under the control of the evil CCP.  Zhu WanLi maliciously smears Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon. She should take legal responsibility for her behavior online!

Let’s further reveal what kind of person that Zhu is, from the multidimensional spiritual level. Zhu wanli was born in 1966, when China was in the early stage of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. Her inner self is well aware of the evils in her life’s play, and of the ugly characters she played in her life. The hidden inner darkness has showed out as her nervous facial movement. Her foxy smile and hatred expression, indicate Zhu Wanli’s inner self – – extremely empty spiritually and fear mentally.

Zhu Wanli, it is the ending time of your despicably performance, deceiving people all over the world, accusing our heroic scientist. You will get punished by the law and people will not forgive you! On the other hand, CCP is about to collapse, CCP will dump you. And people who love justice will find you and hand you over to the justice.