1 Oct Anti-CCP Global Protests start at New Zealand

Writer: Sugarpup

The 10.1 anti-CCP global protests have started at 7:30am in front of the gate of Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), Invercargill, New Zealand’s southernmost city.

A CCP-flag raising ceremony was schedule at 8:30 on 1 Oct 2020 inside SIT campus as a part of the celebration programme of CCP’s national day. Himalaya New Zealand has sent a letter to SIT’s management team and board members a couple of days ago to call off such ceremony and provided explanation that CCP is accountable for manufacturing, engineering and unleashing COVID19 onto the world. SIT’s management team replied and insisted that such even won’t be cancelled since it has been a tradition for many years.

Therefore, a group of New Federal State of China (NFSC) citizens drove a couple of hundred miles to join other Whistle-blower Movement supporters in Invercargill to protest at the front gate of SIT. Their protest has attracted lots of attentions from the students of SIT to local community members and journalists from two local presses.

Students who were coming for the flag raising ceremony have got the chance to hear the number-one rock song Take Down the CCP; and received the most important message Dr Yan Li-Meng tried to deliver to the world.

Another protest against CCP has started at 1pm in front of the gate of CCP’s consulate-general in Auckland. A large group of NFSC citizens wearing the same blue t-shirt and wearing the same hat have started another anti-CCP protest with an online conference with NFSC TV, Miss Sara, Mr Steven Bannon and Mr Miles Guo.

The protest took place on the pedestrian walkway of a busy road in Auckland. Most of passing vehicles slow down to check out what the protest is about, and many of them horn to show their support.

Two local political parties have also joined the protest and delivered their speech. Chris Newman, the secretary general of the Direct Democracy New Zealand said that CCP infiltrated New Zealand in many aspects and New Zealanders need to be united with Chinese people to take down the CCP together. Billy Te Kahika, the co-leader of Advance New Zealand political party, had announced that his party would acknowledge the status of New Federal State of China and would love to set up a treaty with NFSC if they win the election. He has also promised to protect all NFSC citizens in New Zealand if they take the office.

The 10.1 anti-CCP global protests have been very successful in New Zealand, then Korea has just started their anti-CCP protest.