Zhu Wanli, one of the Communist Party’s accomplices (part 1) – Entangle Miles Guo, trapping domestic compatriot by “Shocking on May Day”

Translators: Sherryok & Red Beard

In New Zealand, nearing the world’s southmost point, a democratic country with a Western social system, lives an “Anti-CCP” pretender, whose name is Zhu Wanli. She has been making videos in the YouTube for many years, flying the flag of anti CCP (China Communist Party), but taking profits from CCP by a secret accomplishment.

Zhu Wanli followed orders of CCP’s overseas organizations, and repeatedly performed many fake democracy shows to destroy western democracy with active corporations from many fake democrats who anti the Whistleblower Movement leaded by Miles Guo. A Whistleblower Movement fellow, Lao Huang Niu, will publish a series of articles to remove Zhu Wanli’s cover-up, letting all people to recognize her evil nature.

In 2018, Zhu Wanli and other three pretenders, Li Yiping, Wu Jianmin and Sheng Xue, launched a movement, named “Shocking on May Day”, to encourage Chinese people who anti CCP to protest CCP’s tyranny in streets on May Day of 2018. These four pretenders gave impassioned speeches on YouTube channels. For example, Li Yiping touch Chinese people the practical ways of “Shocking on May Day” and as well as how to avoid the CCP’s surveillance by its big data monitoring. Zhu Wanli preached that “Shocking on May Day” will be the only way to start China democratic constitutionalism”. Their seriously bewitching speeches attracted many people who had independent thinking but didn’t know their true face, to try the “Shocking on May Day” with huge passion. At that time, the CCP’s hiding internet force stimulated a thought to ask whether Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement leader, will participate the movement as well, and furthermore, that the “Shocking on May Day” was able to verify whether Miles Guo was truly anti-CCP or not, in order to strike Miles’s strategy that temporarily didn’t anti XI JINPIN, the general secretary of CCP.

Miles Guo (Mr. Wengui), with a great wisdom, broke his silence and issued his own declaration: firstly, he did not object the movement “Shocking on May Day” created by these four “Anti-communist” pretenders (to protest against CCP in the streets of mainland China); secondly, he declared this movement had nothing to do with himself and asked his fellows not to join it, otherwise at their own risk. Afterwards, it proved that Miles Guo’s timely cutting off from them is very significant.

The most evil purpose of “Shocking on May Day”and “Shocking on National Day” launched by these “Anti-communist” pretenders was to entangle Miles Guo: if Miles didn’t support it, then the people with resistance consciousness would be dissatisfied by Miles, and Miles would be made as an “Anti-communist” pretender, all of which is to divide the Whistleblower Movement fellows; However, if Miles supported the movements, he would be accountable for the massive arresting of protesters, pre-designed by CCP and “Anti-communist” pretenders, like Zhu Wanli. These bastards, how sinister are their wild ambition. Their tricks are still shaking people, even two years passed.

However, Mr. Miles Guo, like a gift sent by God, with his swift thinking, super visionary, and keen observation, immediately see through its conspiracy. The reply “I do not object your movement”, made “Anti-communist” pretenders having no excuse to blame Miles Guo; The reply “this movement has nothing to do with me, please do not follow them, otherwise at your own risk” let everyone see the truth, and saved a lot of people who were trying to join it. Miles Guo crushed the evil conspiracy of Zhu Wanli in time just by a few words, resulted from his foresight.

Unfortunately, there were still a large number of anti-CCP and anti-dictatorship  peoplev in mainland China, who had awaken from CCP’s brainwashing, get into the trap. The arresting of these people in parade of ” Shocking on May Day” and ” Shocking on National Day” movements preached by Zhu Wanli was a trophy to CCP’s tricks. The true number of people being arrested is only available to public after CCP being eliminated.

Zhu Wanli, this murder devil, has a delusional to permanently get profits from CCP through her corporations to CCP. how many people’s blood on her hands! She committed the murder to people who have a conscience and were betrayed by her and her gang, whether they are in the heaven, or in prisons. To collect blood debt from Zhu wanly is just a matter of the time!