Whistleblower: Dr Li-Meng Yan and her view about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Edited by: Himalaya NZ team

I am Doctor Li-Meng Yan, you can call me Scarlett. I am from Hong Kong and I work in the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health. My lab is the top lab in the world for Coronavirus (a W.H.O. reference laboratory in Hong Kong).

Truth of Covid-19 Outbreak in Wuhan

The reason I came to the U.S. is that I deliver the message of the truth of Covid-19. If I tell it in Hong Kong, the moment I start to tell it, I will be disappeared and killed. No one can hear me. So for this purpose, I like to go to the U.S. and tell the truth of the origins of Covid-19 to the World. To let people understand how terrible, how dangerous it is. This is nothing about politics. This is about whether all the humans in the world can survive.

I am one of the first one getting involved in COVID-19 research in the world, from the end of December. Since 31st December 2019, once we know there is a SARS-like Coronavirus in China, in Wuhan, my supervisor, W.H.O. consultant Dr.Leo Poon, asked me to do some secret investigation of what really happened in mainland China. The China government refused to get overseas experts, even including ones in Hong Kong, to do research in China. So I turned to my friends to get more information.

This is a conversation that happened on 31 of December. I talked to a friend who is a scientist in the (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) C.D.C in China. That friend has first-hand information. And this person told me there are family cluster cases, so there should be a human-to-human transmission.

The doctors willing to share information with Dr Yan were obviously scared. This is a group full of clinical doctors in different hospitals all over China. That is from 31 December in China, and early one morning, one of the doctors asks whether there are doctors in Wuhan who can share this information about this SARS-like virus. There are people who immediately warn this doctor “Don’t ask!” and “This is too sensitive. We cannot talk about it, but we need to wear masks.”

On January 16, I was asked to reach out to her China contacts again, since the government was providing a few details. What I found troubled me. First, human-to-human transmission becomes very bad in Wuhan. There are many, many patients who don’t get treatment on time and diagnosis on time. There is no protection for both doctors and the patients, and the common people. And also, the government doesn’t allow people to release such information. Hospital doctors are scared, but they cannot talk. (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) C.D.C. staff are scared.

This is when the coverup of my research began. So I report these things to Leo Poon once I get the result. But he asked me to keep silent and be careful. As he warned me before, “Don’t touch the red line.” That means don’t go across the China government’s procedure. Don’t cross the china government principle. If not, we will get in trouble, and we’ll be “disappeared”. I thought this information could be delivered to the public, and it is very urgent information. So it should be responded to the public as soon as possible. But then he didn’t do anything. Because I waited, I didn’t see any responses, after many days even. And also our co-director of the W.H.O. [reference] lab, Prof. Malik Peiris, they knew it. But they didn’t do any action. As a virologist and even some of them are doctors, they should know how terrible this is. This is a public health threat and they should do a quick response to it. They should have done many things. There are so many choices they can do to control this outbreak, not let it spread as the biggest disaster we have seen in human history.

I felt very disappointed, but I already knew this would happen because I know the corruption among this kind of international organization like W.H.O. to China government and China Communist Party. So basically, I accept it but I don’t want this misleading information to spread to the world. I think it has to be corrected. I know what will happen to me. I know how they treat the whistleblowers. I see how terrible the government suppressed those young innocent protesters.

Prevention against the virus

Social distance, two-meter is better. 70% alcohol is very useful, to clean your hands. And also, wear a mask (surgical mask) if you get gathering, get close to people. This is about global health. No political issues. I mean, this is all of us involved. No matter this party, that party this country, that country. The only thing is when people understand the truth, they know how to protect themselves. You have to imagine how many cases are not reported from China. Already, if there are 6 billion people in the world one in 600 get confirmed. But this will increase at a very quick speed. Imagine one day you‘ll see one in 100 people already get infected in the world. And then later one in 50, one in 10. That means none of us can escape from this. Don’t expect the herd immunity especially at this time because you don’t know this virus. You cannot judge the character of this virus according to our previous experience. And we don’t expect a vaccine at this moment, or some magic solution at this moment. The only thing we can do is to understand where it comes from. Do the right research and protect us, protect our family, our friend, anyone around us in the right way. This is the only thing we can do now. That is why I need to tell it to the world. I really need people to understand this is very very critical for every one of us.

Regarding Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Hydroxychloroquine Chloroquine, of course, is not a magic drug. There is no magic drug in the world. But in such an urgent situation when we face the global public health crisis, we should consider the situation and try to find a comparable useful and effective drug to save people’s life. And, as I said before, there are no CCP high-level officers and including CCP chairman, vice-chairman or all these people, they don’t get infected. And as our intelligence shows in the military hospital and some big hospitals also take this drug that’s why they can get protected. And also from my medical experience and I can tell you as Dr Stanley has shown that there are these people show their urine tests to the public should they haven’t take any hydroxychloroquine. This is the drug at this moment can save thousands of thousands of lives. Why there is such a big obstacle to stop using it?

Okay, let me talk back about the mechanism of HCQ. I’m sure Dr Fauci, he is a medical doctor, and he has known that since back to 2005 this drug has been used to show as effective for anti-SARS. Then, we talk about the enhanced version SARS-Cov-2 as big SARS version. Why you cannot use it to prevent it and also the anti-malaria treatment and also prevention has shown that HCQ is a long-term use. The safe drug even for pregnant ladies and children for long-term use, just consider the safe dose.

Of course, Dr Fauci has talked about the evidence. Let’s talk about scientific evidence from the mechanism to anti Cytokine Storm and prevention to how these drugs can be applied as a safe drug for long-term use; and if you come back to check the clinical data have been shown to pro HCQ or against HCQ, as a doctor, as a scientist, it is not difficult for people to realise which side has better scientific quality. Definitely, those people come from some non-professional people’s company with thousands of clinical data are totally fake. And let’s talk about scientific evidence. Let’s face this problem to save people’s lives to take HCQ carefully and in a very important role. I can tell you for myself I take it as a prevention every day now.

All drugs have side effect. You cannot find a drug without the side effect. Even water has side effect.

Why Covid-19 has not spread in the senior cadre members in China?

A lot of people in the China government, I mean they have to reach to some level to understand Hydroxychloroquine is useful and then they can take it. And also the same to the medical doctors and staff in the military hospitals and some big host people. But, this information definitely didn’t reach to everyone in mainland China even for the medical staff, the high-risk staff. Because, as to how CCP government and the W.H.O. and their colleagues try to do, they want people to believe there is no drug for Covid-19. No good drug. They don’t want you to know this and they don’t want you to overcome this because Covid-19 can make big damage to global economic and public health. If you know this and how could they get the funding from the different kind of pharmacies and also vaccine development and all these things behind that is a big benefit chain. So that’s why they try to cover it up, try to mislead people, even to lose a lot of people’s lives.

Insights on where HCQ has been used effectively and successfully around the world

Just recruit your scientific knowledge to analyse those papers which support the Hydroxychloroquine and versus the against ones. Just come to see how they choose the patient, how they define the cases from mild, severe, and all the conditions the standard they recruited or excluded and see the result how they do the statistics. So, the good quality papers, it is easy to be recognised. Also, that’s why, well not only me, I think like Dr Stella and all the doctors who try to fight for the use of the HCQ, we are angry about. Because some people although they are professional, they hold the title, the position, they try to use their position to suppress the use of this effective drug to get people to get prevention and also treatment.

We see this in India, we see in Egypt, this government has announced that they use HCQ for early-stage treatment and also prevention. They get quite good success. Why in the U.S, why in the other country even include China, we don’t get recommended. See what W.H.O. has done. They said:

  • Oh, we should immediately stop the clinical trial about it
  • No human-to-human transmission
  • It won’t be an outbreak
  • No problem don’t wear masks

W.H.O. have done so much to cover it up, to twist your knowledge. Behind them is a CCP.

Taking HCQ as a prophylactic

From the mechanism of this drug, first, we can say this is a long-term drug as I mentioned, for anti-malaria as both prevention and this is for over 60 years used or worthwhile and it is already recommended as a very useful drug for the auto-immune disease like lupus and also this is useful for pregnant people and also kids for long-term use, just you need to come back to check your retinopathy, which is a rare condition come combined after long-term use for some people. So, you do the regular checking is okay and this drug has been shown to be useful to anti-SARS back to 2005.

From the mechanism, you also can see that because both SARS and SARS-Cov-2 and even auto-immune disease, they have something in common that is called Over Response from your immunity. Okay, back to SARS and SARS-Cov-2, we called it Cytokine Storm which is raise and discovered by Prof. Malik Peiris who is the top coronavirus artist. This drugs through the anti Cytokine Storm effect, they can help people get protected. Because once you get infected by SARS-Cov-2, your immunity totally get messed up. They don’t know which parts they should target and this makes the downstream wild damage to all multi organs.

On the other side, the HCQ also is shown to help you to protect your kidney and also reduce the risk of Thrombosis. These are and also the lupus antibodies. So these are all the things damage can be caused by SARS-Cov-2. So, HCQ here actually has a quite good effect and target different mechanism induced by the SARS-Cov-2.

HCQ Vs Placebo Effect. Why there is anger about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) on a global basis?

I think you don’t need to ask them why do they try their best to stop the use of this drug. I mean any drug has a side effect. If you drink too much water, you will get a problem, right? In this such crazy situation as I mentioned, this drug now can be shown as, I can say even is the best drug at this moment for both prevention and treatment, since we still don’t have the vaccine, since we still don’t have the universal magic drug to against SARS-Cov-2. Why cannot we use it? Yes, it can cause some side effects. So, we actually recommend people who have the cardio problem to get the instruction from their doctors. But, before that, you have to understand how to recommend this drug to even doctors to let them understand how useful it is. They can use it to treat their patient and give them protection. So, the side effect is not the reason you should stop this drug at this moment.

If you want to take a long time to do the double-blind trial, I also recommend Dr Fauci to be in the control group for Placebo.

Regarding Chinese Communist Party holding back the information about Covid-19

First let me tell you that they hold on the real information like the origins of the virus, the SARS-Cov-2, and how it really behaves, is not because they really can’t get the vaccine. Because they don’t want the world know how this virus actually is and they want to postpone the response from the real scientific world of the people who only want to study the vaccine, all the drugs to anti the Covid-19. There is their idea. But although they withhold this kind of information, I don’t believe they can have the vaccine developed.

Of course, they try to use this virus to make the whole world kowtow to them. But they are not capable to develop such vaccine. Because, first, I mean that the CCP government never had developed a useful vaccine for the world. They try to get techniques and get outcomes from the other countries, especially the U.S. and then go back just copy-paste to do something that we have now. We have their patent as a toxic vaccine which induced a lot of problem to our Chinese citizens. And then again to cover it up. So, please don’t trust they can get a vaccine.

That is also why back to the HCQ now, we have to use it as emergency things before we really have the good universal vaccine against the Covid-19.