Will the coronavirus become weaker and gradually disappear?

Dr. Yan talks about whether the coronavirus may become weaker and gradually disappear, and how to overcome this virus


Dr Yan we have a question from one of our audience members, it’s question number 9 for the avn crew and the question is: since covid 19 is still roaming around the country and not acting like a seasonal flu, does that mean it might be getting weaker and burning itself out? And I think she’s probably referencing perhaps the history of SARS-1 and i wondered if you could talk about that sort of potential decay of the virus?

Dr Yan:

Okay, so first i want to tell our audience that, yes, they have this idea because their idea based on this virus is some virus that comes from nature after the natural evolution, and finally this virus pathogen meets the host here. It means humans because humans are shown to be the best hosts in the world for SARS-CoV-2, but this thing’s based on the law of nature. And here we are talking about something special. We didn’t see this virus on the other natural kind of character like we see before. And according to what I said before, we analyse the genome and we see the evidence this virus actually is definitely not come from nature and it’s already been modified through the lab, those kinds of techniques.  They even leave the evidence inside and in my scientific report with my scientific team I will show it to people. So here briefly i want to tell you is if you expect this kind of adaptation between the virus and the host and then after a while the mutant and also this kind of balance from the immunity between the virus and also the human make it weaker, then i don’t think it will become too soon and as we see it’s already like second waves and even third waves happen in the world.

In many places like Hong Kong or even it will come to U.S. some places so we have to know how to figure it out how it can become such a big pandemic? How it attacks humans so much has to go back to the origin of this virus. That’s why I call for people to come out and check the origin to use your knowledge to verify the origins of this virus.

It is not come from nature. It is based on the PLA owned Zhoushan Bat coronavirus. So it already get enhanced for some characters like they like to attack the human ACE2 which is a receptor all over your body in different types of the organs and even the vessel endocyto means it’s on the blood vessel. So there are a lot of targets for this virus and also it can be very dissolved because this virus bonds in your cells and is also given out of the downstream damage to your body by leading the cytokine storm and later induce the thrombosis of this kind of thing. If you expect just by nature evolution gets weakened the human global health will be in big damage. So we have to find out how they really modify this kind of virus and what kind of character is already obtained then focus on this. We have to develop the drugs or find out the useful drug we already had, like make sure HCQ can be applied in different stages like prevention and early stage of treatment and also try to develop the vaccine.  This way we have to think about to overcome this virus.