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Zhu Wanli- Viciously smear Dr. Yan Limeng

Translators: Sherryok and Sugarpup

In her YouTube account, Zhu Wanli posted a video titled “Yan Li Meng’s explosive material has not been acknowledged by FBI”. she smeared that Dr. Yan’s message about the virus is not valuable, and merely for exchanging her political asylum from the US government, however, not successfully accepted.

Dear readers, please think why Zhu denied Yan’s message so hastily? Especially when the message is about the truth of the COVID-19 virus, it is a matter of everyone’s life, relating to you, me, and even herself. Today, it is well known globally that Dr Yan Limeng, a heroine and scientist, is risking her life on escaping from CCP’s regime, to tell the world about the real cause of CCP virus. Her impeccable scientific report made her admired by lots of her peers. Her great courage is very admirable. All she wants to do is to save human beings in the world.  Her deeds are worthy of any praise in the world.

Being a beautiful angel, she has been viciously smeared by Zhu, who even cursed Dr Yan by saying that “Yan will die and suffer in hell! Yan LiMeng didn’t report to the FBI truthfully, regarding why she came to the United States.  ······ [Read more] “Zhu Wanli- Viciously smear Dr. Yan Limeng”

Zhu Wanli, one of the Communist Party’s accomplices (part 1) – Entangle Miles Guo, trapping domestic compatriot by “Shocking on May Day”

Translators: Sherryok & Red Beard

In New Zealand, nearing the world’s southmost point, a democratic country with a Western social system, lives an “Anti-CCP” pretender, whose name is Zhu Wanli. She has been making videos in the YouTube for many years, flying the flag of anti CCP (China Communist Party), but taking profits from CCP by a secret accomplishment.

Zhu Wanli followed orders of CCP’s overseas organizations, and repeatedly performed many fake democracy shows to destroy western democracy with active corporations from many fake democrats who anti the Whistleblower Movement leaded by Miles Guo. A Whistleblower Movement fellow, Lao Huang Niu, will publish a series of articles to remove Zhu Wanli’s cover-up, letting all people to recognize her evil nature.

In 2018, Zhu Wanli and other three pretenders, Li Yiping, Wu Jianmin and Sheng Xue, launched a movement, named “Shocking on May Day”, to encourage Chinese people who anti CCP to protest CCP’s tyranny in streets on May Day of 2018. These four pretenders gave impassioned speeches on YouTube channels. For example, Li Yiping touch Chinese people the practical ways of “Shocking on May Day” and as well as how to avoid the CCP’s surveillance by its big data monitoring. Zhu Wanli preached that “Shocking on May Day” will be the only way to start China democratic constitutionalism”.  ······ [Read more] “Zhu Wanli, one of the Communist Party’s accomplices (part 1) – Entangle Miles Guo, trapping domestic compatriot by “Shocking on May Day””