Mum Brought The Light Into My Life—It was no ordinary light, it was a spiritual rebirth


Mum: deep down in my heart, I’ve always believed that it’s never too late to unravel the truth to young children, because the demons (CCP) begins to brainwash our kids as early as in their childhood (eg, since they start kindergarten). Hence, I began to fight for my daughter’s soul from CCP’s evil claws by 2013, while sobering myself during this seemingly endless odyssey. To my great joy and relief, her attitude gradually shifted from distaste and denial to acceptance and adherence. With the blessings of God, she was finally rescued to New Zealand at the start of 2018. We were even luckier to join the whistleblower movement just one year later. We therefore sincerely wish that more and more youngsters will commit themselves to the whistleblower movement as well, to follow Mr. Guo’s lead, to spread the truth and to save many lives.

In my 16 years of memory, mum has always been my everything. She’s soft and kind, witty and bright, humorous and playful…

She was the light of my childhood. She sang with me, she chatted with me, she played so many games with me… I was year 3 when she changed: in such a drastic and “dreadful” way (to my young self).  ······ [Read more] “Mum Brought The Light Into My Life—It was no ordinary light, it was a spiritual rebirth”

“Using Money to Kill CCP”

Writer:Enzo20 Leaves on stone bones

The U.S.-China talks this time are similar to the 1960’s when Soviet leader Khrushchev openly ‘slapped shoe on the table’ in the United Nations. The Communist Party will soon be extinguished, repeating history.

The two collapses of the Communist Party are analyzed in the context of “using money to destroy the CCP”.

The first collapse. China’s demographic dividend will disappear in 2020 and become a burden. 2016 is the year when the economic collapse has not yet happened because the mainland has strong administrative measures. It is possible to operate without collapse for the time being. It is also possible to explain why from a technical point of view. First of all, the traditional collapse refers to: for example
1)unemployment, many people can’t afford to pay for their houses.
2)many people can’t collect money for their business; bonds default on their debts; and
3In the traditional free economy, the banking system has problems, the people will crowd the banks, because the banks are related to each other, one bank will have problems and other banks will also have problems, the chain reaction down, this is called systemic risk, so the whole economy dives down, because the economy can not run.  ······ [Read more] ““Using Money to Kill CCP””

Strategic Vision US, LLC, Wallop, and Waller could not deny that they were found by the CCP

Autor: Redbeard

The latest Sur-Reply of court case, Eastern Profit Corporation Limited vs. Strategic Vision Us LLC, shows Strategic Vision US unable to deny their litigation being funded by CCP.

Business company STRATEGIC VISION US LLC (“Strategic”) is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada. Strategic is still active and, in total, managed by 2 persons whose name are both FRENCH WALLOP.

On October 27 2019, Micheal Waller told New York Supreme Court that ‘It is safe to say that Guo Wengui is a Communist Chinese spy, in the case, Guo Wengui (Mr Guo) vs. Strategic Vision US LLC, J. Michael WallerFrench Wallop, Edward Greim, Dow Jones & Company Inc., Aruna Viswanatha, and Kate O’Keefe. The Strategic Vision counterclaim stated that Guo was a ‘long-time employee of Vice Minister Ma Jian,’ and that ‘Guo paid MSS officials and bought surveillance equipment for the MSS in exchange for favors.

Now, the litigation of Strategic, Michael Waller, and French Wallop against MR Guo are found being FUNDED by affiliates of the CCP. And Mr Guo is now confirmed to be not a spy, but a DISSIDENT of the PRC, which is proved by documents for Elliott Broidy and Nickie Mali Lum Davis.

  ······ [Read more] “Strategic Vision US, LLC, Wallop, and Waller could not deny that they were found by the CCP”

Case: Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision


Strategic Vision US, LLC is a shell company for two career frauds: French Wallop and J. Michael Waller. Eastern Profit is a Hong Kong based company representing Mr. Miles Guo Wengui in the case Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision.

French Wallop was the third wife of Malcolm Wallop, the late Republican senator from Wyoming. In recent years, she has maintained a low profile in Washington, though in the midst of her divorce from the senator in 2000, the Washington Post’s gossip columnist obtained a sharply worded change-of-address note she sent around to friends stating, “French Wallop regrets to inform you that due to a significant indiscretion on the part of her husband of 16 years, he may now be reached at the following address.” On her LinkedIn profile, Wallop refers to Strategic Vision as a “strategic consulting firm.” In addition to French Wallop, J. Michael Waller acted as a representative of Strategic Vision.

According to the intelligence obtained by Miles Guo, French Wallop was infamous for refusing to pay her attorneys and rent. French Wallop’s son paid her legal fees of $200k for her divorce case with Malcolm Wallop. For Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision, French’s first lawyer resigned because of non-payment.  ······ [Read more] “Case: Eastern Profit vs Strategic Vision”

President Trump pointed out that Pennsylvania and Michigan’s prohibition of surveillance by observers would result in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

Author: Rose sky; Translation: Jedidiah

President Trump pointed out that Pennsylvania and Michigan’s prohibition of surveillance by observers would result in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

On Nov. 12th, 2020, President Trump’s tweet was once again marked by Tweet Company. Being the president but at the same time stuck in the swamp, that he has to personally call on the media to report and spread the truth, on which we can see the extent how corrupt and false the media has become.

President Trump said, nobody wanted to report the news that Pennsylvania and Michigan prohibited the poll watcher and/or vote watcher to observe, which would result in hundreds of thousands of ballots which shouldn’t be counted, because I can win these two states very easily.  ······ [Read more] “President Trump pointed out that Pennsylvania and Michigan’s prohibition of surveillance by observers would result in hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.”

The raid of Scytl server by U.S army – Questions to Ponder

Author: Redbeard

On NZ time the 14th of November 2020, a breaking news about U.S army raiding Scytl server facility in Frankfurt, Germany was widely spread in Twitter. The Scytl server stores the database of Dominion, a vote counting software used by almost 80% states in U.S 2020 election. The database contains huge evidences of fraud voting from Biden campaign. I read it around 3pm NZ time by a retweet from ‘Lin wood, and then was confirmed by Lude media this morning. But, Mr Guo, in his live broadcast this morning, told us the raid actually happened in the beginning of this week and Lude had knew it many days ago.

This news is straight forward, but it contains more information. At first, why it’s U.S army, not the CIA, that raided the facility? In the past, the actions like this were usually taken by CIA, because it relates to intelligence filed. If you follow Lude media in the past, you will quickly link it to the CCP’s severe infiltration to CIA and FBI. So, the first information behind this news is that the raid by U.S army, not by CIA, confirmed that CIA has been infiltrated by the CCP and controlled by the deep state of U.S,

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From the “voice of one crying” to 73 million Trump voters


On 25/10/2020, in the second letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to President Donald Trump, he described his letter as a “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Jn 1:23). To remind people of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity; a “Great reset” global plan aim to subdue all humanity is under way.

Viganò (a former Vatican ambassador to the United States and outspoken adversary of Pope Francis ) wrote: I am writing to you in the midst of the silence of both civil and religious authorities. He emphasized that the “epochal importance of the imminent election,” casting Trump as “the final garrison against the world dictatorship” and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, as “a person who is manipulated by the deep state.”“it is the Enemy of the human race, He who is “a murderer from the beginning” (Jn 8:44).”

The white house has just posted a 234 pages witness testimony of state of Michigan regarding the election fraud. All witnesses have sworn to the God and court that their words are real. They are all the ordinary people, the  “little ones”  in the eyes of elite, who want to drastically limit people’s individual freedoms and those of entire populations.  ······ [Read more] “From the “voice of one crying” to 73 million Trump voters”