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The Fake is Ruling the America : the Biggest Election Fraud in U.S History


In the early morning of November 4th, US President Trump announced that he had a big win in the 2020 presidential election. However, he also commented very seriously that there was a very serious fraud in ballots, and he made the decide to go to the court to sue the Democratic Party for the election fraud!

Almost at the same time, President Trump’s tweet post regaring his  winning was blocked by Twitter. And on most of the mainstream media, propagandas showed that criminal Biden outnumbered President Trump, including Fox News, which had always supported Trump in the past!

The whole world’s reports on the results of the election are all alike a script written in advance, and then shown worldwide!

However, Human history has always been swinging between darkness and light. Fortunately, in this darkest moment, the light still sheds in. When all the media of the whole world is firmly controlled by the CCP and the leftist elites, Mr. Bannon’s Warroom and Miles Guo’s the Whistleblower Movement media platform Gnews, G-TV, Lude Media, the New Federal State of  China( NFSC) Television and etc.  Have broken the darkness and reported the 24-hours-of-the voting on the election day , to help Trump supporters and those who love freedom and democracy people of the NFSC to know  the truth!  ······ [Read more] “The Fake is Ruling the America : the Biggest Election Fraud in U.S History”

Ultimate battle between the Truth and the Evil

By Himalaya New Zealand


My twitter account has been blocked after I retweeted a news from Gateway pundit below, as the website stated in an update news one hour later, The Gateway Pundit was first to post on this video — the first to be released — of Hunter Biden from his laptop from hell. DID NOT post any photos or video of nudity or of anyone but Hunter Biden from the video.

Thousands of Lude media’s followers’ twitter accounts also were blocked or suspended by twitter. This is the second day of the Ultimate Battle of the whistleblowers movement against CCP. Gnews.org exposed a loan agreement between Hunter Biden with the CEO of Bohai RST (xijinping’s company, check Gnews article “if it is not corruption”) on the day one of the Ultimate Battle.

Since 24/10/2020 5:00pm, anti-CCP free social media platform GTV.ORG has released several highly sensitive photos and video clips. Some GTV channels have unveiled the names of the characters in those photos and video clips.  The male character is Mr. Hunter Biden, the girl is his niece Natalie Biden. Another woman in one of the photos could be his sister-in-law Hallie Biden (her wedding ring on left hand provides the hint).

  ······ [Read more] “Ultimate battle between the Truth and the Evil”

The way of CCP’s evil win-win strategy to U.S

Author: Redbeard

‘Win-win’ was widely used by CCP propagandas to describe its strategies to cooperate with the U.S, and other countries as well. All the time people believed the ‘win-win’ is to create benefits to the people of China and U.S. But the ugly truth of that ‘win-win’ is to utilize the useful idiot politicians in U.S to help CCP to steal money from both Chinese people and U.S people to benefit CCP RED families and the family of corrupt idiot politicians, and to infiltrate U.S politics.

The Loan Agreement signed by Hunter Biden is a good example to show how CCP used stolen money from common Chinese people and used it to bribe the families of U.S politicians. The loan agreement shows the CEO of the Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd (BHR), lent money Hunter Biden to invest BHR so Hunter can obtain 10% of the equity of BHR. The funds managed by BHR includes the Social Security Fund of all the Chinese people; but the 10% of the ‘investment return’ was “gifted” to the son of a vice president of U.S at that time.

Apart from using money to infiltrate U.S democracy, free sex is also a commonly used approach.

  ······ [Read more] “The way of CCP’s evil win-win strategy to U.S”

Twitter launched serial attacks to block the truths from being shared

Recently, the scandal related to the materials in Biden’s hard drive has caused the uproar in the world regarding Twitter’s action. While conveniently allowing fake narratives on Trump to share through its platform, Twitter did an outright ban or suspended the Twitter accounts on whoever shared the stories related to Biden.

The double standard action by Twitter caused people to doubt whether Twitter shall be entitled to receive the protection of Section 230 social media law. Twitter is a social media company. However, it seems to behave like a publishing editor to decide what could be published, or what shall be blocked. Instead of being impartial, it actively scans and removes any posts or accounts that don’t seem to fit the narrative of “Trump is bad; Biden is good”.

The following accounts were the casualties due to Twitter’s aggressive action in censoring Biden related news. But, sharing Biden related scandals probably not the full reasons why the accounts got suspended.

Those accounts belonged to the outspoken members of the Whistleblower Group. Those are the people who risked their lives and families to share and expose the crimes by the Chinese Communist Party.  ······ [Read more] “Twitter launched serial attacks to block the truths from being shared”

Jami-Lee Ross on War Room The First elected parliament member joins the whistleblowers movement

writer: sherryok

“We have significant problem in New Zealand, we have foreign inference from Chinese communist party and linked organisations.” Jami-Lee Ross- began his interview hosted by Mr Steven K Bannon on War room show, (EP 434 Pan: Trial by Fire, airing at New Zealand time 4:00am 13/10/2020). “It is a historic moment”, Mr Bannon  highly appreciated Jami’s courage , to be the first member of democratically elected parliament , who joined and addressed at the protest hold by New Federal state of china in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jami-Lee Ross expressed his deep concern of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s infiltration to New Zealand. Mr. Bannon asked him a question of “what inspire you to go out to show your profile and courage and stand with the free man and women of New Federal state of china”?

Jami-Lee answered that “We have significant sums of money that have flowing into our democracy, into the two major parties; I blew the whistle on this several years ago.” In 2018, Jami alleged that National party leader accepting an illegal NZ$100,000 donation from Chinese businessman, which has a strong connection with CCP’S organization unite front.

Mr. Bannon commented that considering that the current culture revolution undergoing in US, many people want to escape US to New Zealand.  ······ [Read more] “Jami-Lee Ross on War Room The First elected parliament member joins the whistleblowers movement”

Zhu Wanli- Viciously smear Dr. Yan Limeng

Translators: Sherryok and Sugarpup

In her YouTube account, Zhu Wanli posted a video titled “Yan Li Meng’s explosive material has not been acknowledged by FBI”. she smeared that Dr. Yan’s message about the virus is not valuable, and merely for exchanging her political asylum from the US government, however, not successfully accepted.

Dear readers, please think why Zhu denied Yan’s message so hastily? Especially when the message is about the truth of the COVID-19 virus, it is a matter of everyone’s life, relating to you, me, and even herself. Today, it is well known globally that Dr Yan Limeng, a heroine and scientist, is risking her life on escaping from CCP’s regime, to tell the world about the real cause of CCP virus. Her impeccable scientific report made her admired by lots of her peers. Her great courage is very admirable. All she wants to do is to save human beings in the world.  Her deeds are worthy of any praise in the world.

Being a beautiful angel, she has been viciously smeared by Zhu, who even cursed Dr Yan by saying that “Yan will die and suffer in hell! Yan LiMeng didn’t report to the FBI truthfully, regarding why she came to the United States.  ······ [Read more] “Zhu Wanli- Viciously smear Dr. Yan Limeng”