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Wall Street is playing with fire, G series is gaining momentum from the movements of world economy, fellow fighters are taking down the CCP with style

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

On the other hand, let’s see America

The whole Wall Street

is playing an extremely dangerous game

The stock market of Wall Street crash of this time is a matter of time

Only differences are how high it goes and how many people go bankrupt

When Wall Street plays time this time

two things have been prepared

Firstly, they (wall street) speculate the stock

making it a continuous bull market till the end of this year or Maynext year

and they will sell out at the highest point

So where do you think the money will go, brothers?

Crypto currency and gold of course

These are the only options left (for investments), nothing else

Check out onCoinbase

and calculate how many times are multiplied from 20 cents to 340 dollars

That is why now

today’s chairman of SEC

Gary Gensler, who comes from the elite community supporting crypto currency.

And now the hidden hands of Wall Street all play with the crypto currency

Bitcoin belongs to two guys only

the CCP and the Wall Street

Behind all ballooning of the other crypto currencies

stands CCP and Wall street, mostly

 (they are serving as) two money laundering gangs

skyrocketing the market so they can crash it down later

When everyone else collapse down to death, would they themselves survive?  ······ [Read more] “Wall Street is playing with fire, G series is gaining momentum from the movements of world economy, fellow fighters are taking down the CCP with style”

MilesGuo talk Gfashion

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Our current g-fashion is yesterday’s Gucci and Cartier.

Join us, join our g-fashion.

The president of Chanel started working yesterday.

The whole American team has come to work with us.

There are also two big brands, the most prominent and most awesome deputy director of design, and the marketing director communicated to us that he would give him half a year to come to g-fashion.

G-fashion hasn’t even started yet.

It didn’t even start.

The real thing of g comes out, and it’s the end of this year that is going to be awesome, and the end of this year is pretty good.

The golden whistle and silver whistle you see now will be very valuable in the future.

It’s really that much.

How much do you think this dres’s costs, it may be worth one hundred thousand dollars.

Why? The material we bought, the material we purchased for millions of dollars, is left there.

The material of Loro Piana.

Our typesetter made this one piece, two pieces, and three pieces.

Some of the ones you see hanging in our G-fashion may be produced in dozens or one hundred or eighty pieces and then gone.

Our design fee is more than 4 or 5 times higher than turnover.  ······ [Read more] “MilesGuo talk Gfashion”

CCP expects to win by a fluke. Members of CCP want the fall of CCP. Europe and America are digging for traitors


Let’s talk about the situation in the past two days

There is something about Taiwan

There is a secret video about Beidaihe on the internet

Don’t believe it, it’s 100% fake.

There are now two policies from the inner Communist Party

Endure. Like what Empress Dowager Cixi did

Deceiving the people to fight as cannon fodder

They’re expecting to win by a fluke

Similar to Hideki Tojo and Isoroku Yamamoto

They all expected to win by a fluke

Similar to Hitler’s tearing up of the Versailles agreement

and crossing the Rhine. From 1935, 1936

Expansion of the Wehrmacht from 100,000 to 600,000 members

He expected to win by a fluke

It’s sad to see history repeating itself all over again

If Hitler met the French army

He would be finished with a shout

There would be no World War II

Hitler would not kill 20 million people

When Emperor Hirohito of Japan first said

they were going to plunder energy in the world

If anyone stood up and spoke against him

Emperor Hirohito would have not madly sent Japan to hell

It’s exactly the same as what CCP is doing now

CCP will become more and more arrogant and crazy

The key reason is the internal political struggle and pressure

coupled with the external trouble and pressure created by itself

The most profound lesson learnt from World War II is that

the ultimate victims are the people

But the ignorance of the people

provides a chance to dictators, warlords and imperialists,

creates a suitable environment for nationalism,

which treats a nation and a country as cannon fodder

Dictatorsregardthemselvesas god

This expansion of ignorance

will finally send a country or a nation to hell

It’s is what is happening in China

What is more tragic in China now is that

99 percent of 90 millions members of CCP

want CCP to attack Taiwan

It’s better that U.S.  ······ [Read more] “CCP expects to win by a fluke. Members of CCP want the fall of CCP. Europe and America are digging for traitors”

SEC gets into big trouble for offering preferential services for Chinese stocks and faces class actions for damages to the interests of investors

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

SEC may get into a big trouble this time

I know many fellow fighters have been preparing to

take class actions

SEC has never been protested in the past 80-plus years since its establishment

Never before has SEC been embroiled in

lawsuits by so many investors under its protection

Never before have so many investors joined with their investees to launch an attack on SEC

to demand justice from it

for the damages done to all of them. This has never happened before. 

SEC will face the most formidable danger in history

for its illegal cooperation with a foreign government, which is unprecedented.

SEC had never done this before

It allowed the CCP-controlled Chinese stocks to cheat

the US investors out of one to two trillion dollars without proper review

then investigated the legal investments Chinese investors had made in a US-based company

This has never happened before.

Let’s look at the history.

During WWII, the Japanese and German enterprises

enjoyed the same preferential treatmentin the US, the UK and Europe

The financial supervisory agencies in all these countries

also bent the rules

for the enterprises of the Japanese Empire and the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler

History repeats itself today

*All briefings and videos that have been selected and edited are only for retention and dissemination, sharing information!  ······ [Read more] “SEC gets into big trouble for offering preferential services for Chinese stocks and faces class actions for damages to the interests of investors”

CCP senior officers talking about CCP dirty tricks and how it will backfire CCP

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Last night, I contacted the old comrades of the “China Foreign Strategic Association” 

and the “China Foreign Friendship (Strategy) Association.”

He said, “Miles, you have asked some very good questions recently.”

He said, “You know the Yugoslav incident, (the bombing of Chinese) embassy, and the Hainan plane collision incident.”

He continued that “These two incidents have reached a peak in the name of manipulation.”

The biggest beneficiary is CCP. Similar thing happened to the incidents associating with boycotting Japanese products, for example, smashing Japanese cars.

He said that these had scared the whole world.

He said that the rest of world did not dare to oppose a position which was backed up by one billion plus (Chinese) population

 (Therefore, the CCP) has made a breakthrough diplomatic victory

He said the CCP has played the world using the same trick again and again

but this time is different.

There are many protests regarding Xinjiang,! I am quoting what he has told me.

he said, “foreigners don’t buy it anymore.”

And more importantly, they (foreigners) are thinking that it would be better for the domestic protests to go harder against foreign products.

I asked back “What has happened these past few days?”  ······ [Read more] “CCP senior officers talking about CCP dirty tricks and how it will backfire CCP”

Mr. Guo’s replies to investors’questions regarding G series

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

In the past two days, many fellow fighters have sent me messages

about wanting to buy more G Coin and G Dollar.

For a few exceptional cases,small amounts might be granted

and allocated to extraordinary fellow fighters

But only for those who can meetoutstanding conditions and criteria

As for theothers,

I don’t have such power

and I should not make any private arrangements for anyone either

I will definitelynot to allocate any G Coin to those

Whoever are behaving unreasonably and whoever show no respects to rules

and whoeverhas no sense of integrity. G Coin is a no to them.

Besides that, for GTV investors:

all additional investments need to be arranged by May 16th

Including all loan arrangements, all direct investments to the new GTV

shall be closed on 16th May.


G CLUBS payment option is now no longerlimited to cheque.

Payment can also be made via bank transfers

or via the various Himalya Farms.

And, as you well know,those accredited Himalya farms

canhelp you with the payment, please contact them directly

And, each person can buy multiple cards.

There is one more thing Ihave to reiterate to my brothers. and sisters.  ······ [Read more] “Mr. Guo’s replies to investors’questions regarding G series”

Domestic entertainment celebrities are threatened by the CCP to support the Xinjiang cotton

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Recently, I have been contacted by many domestic showbiz celebrities

such and such directors and producers,

such and such Singer Gods and Heavenly Kings,

They said, Miles, we all stand by you

but we’ve unspeakable reasons

Don’t scoff us in your broadcast, please. Please don’t pick on us.

Look at those photos showing that we support Xinjiang cotton

He said he had no choice. He said each celebrity taking the stand had been dictated by the CCP.

There are only two options for them to choose

Either taking a mugshot photo holding a protest sign like a criminal

And post the mugshot photo online to show the support of Xinjiang

You either do as the CCP telling you

Or CCP will send you to jail immediately and ban everything related to you from the market

Many celebrities, including those ones you like or the ones you hate most

were forced to do with a gun pointed at their back, they have no choices.

brothers and sisters, these celebrities really don’t have choices

That’s why I request your leniency towards them.

They are just trying to make a living.

We shouldn’t ask too much from them. 

They each have their own sad stories that reflect the sin of the CCP.  ······ [Read more] “Domestic entertainment celebrities are threatened by the CCP to support the Xinjiang cotton”