Exposing the CCP. Stand up for Freedom

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Our mission is to raise awareness of truth disclosed by the Whistle-blower movement initiated by Mr Miles Guo and the former White House strategist Mr Steve K. Bannon. We aim to counter false narratives forced through left-leaning mainstream media and compromised key NGOs within New Zealand.

Our Message to you

We regret to inform you that a CCP controlled spy is present in your neighbourhood.
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Recent Posts

July 27 Protest

Peaceful gathering and protest are the most basic human rights in democratic societies. Unfortunately, for ethnic Chinese living all over the world, participating in the activities are usually risky.

Hong Kong Protest

Democracy and freedom have never been easy. Hong Kong people are spilling blood for their peaceful protest toward CCP's blatant violation of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.

New Federal State of China​

With reference to the rule of law system from democratic countries, the New Federal State of China formulated the constitution and laws that enabled the separation of three-power, and publicly elected government through "one person, one vote".